Envelopes and Glue


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Exciting happenings over here. Several years ago, my favorite envelope glue went out of production. (Autocorrect chose "proportion" there and out of proportion was probably the scale of my reaction to being glueless.)

Almost any old glue is fine for making envelopes, but sealing is different. Somehow I missed this post from Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman's Knock. 

The recipe was quick and easy and does not smell terrible. 

Anyone else here a habitual envelope-maker?




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I used to make envelopes back when I was a prodigious pen-pal-er back in the 90s. I used to get Cricket magazine from Goodwill/The Library (old ones they were selling) and I'd make them into art books.

I used plain ol' glue sticks though. However, now, I'm not sure what I'd use.



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@Nectaryne Those are so cool! I've never tried making envelopes before, but that looks very tempting.  I've also wanted to try making some popup cards. I recently impulse-bought a book about building popups -- it has all these punch out pieces that demonstrate how to make various kinds of structures. And if I do that, they'd need fancy custom envelopes, right?

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