Storing Wool

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I use the clear, vinyl zipper bags that sheet sets and comforters came in.  They are too heavy for carpet beetles to chew through (I think), and clear so I can monitor them better.

Part of me wishes someone would sell the bags without the sheets. The other part of me is grateful that they don't. I *really* don't need anymore fiber and yarn.

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I'd love to hear about ideas that don't involve plastic. I totally get how handy it is for seeing through and keeping bugs out - but since I'm trying not to bring any more plastic into my life, I'm interested in other solutions that have worked for folks!

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3 hours ago, Kim Werker said:

I mostly store in clear Rubbermaids so I can see inside.


1 hour ago, Surya said:

I'd love to hear about ideas that don't involve plastic.

This pretty much sums up my issue with my current situation. I love the idea of clear bins or bags but I am also trying to avoid buying more plastic. I do already have a few of the heavy, plastic sheet bags so that might be an option for some of my yarn. I currently have it all in large, fabric bags which I like other than the fact that I can't see what is in each bag. I'm thinking I might use the clear bags to keep yarn than needs to stay together from getting separated and then sort by yarn type. I also hang my bags up so it's not taking up my limited floor and shelf space (helps keep the cats out of it too). Still pondering though and would love to hear more ideas. 

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Sheets come in fabric bags too! They may not be as useful for easy visual inventory or as insect barriers, but with some cedar bits or other keep-moths-away type sachets they are decent for storage. I have some of those piled in a pretty bamboo bowl.

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Ugh. Does just "a closet" count? I am SO BAD at fiber storage.*** I used to have a room and in it was a bunch of bins and I could see everything (they were wood, slatted) and then the wool was hung in the closet and it was wonderful.

But then I had a second kid, and now my wool is all in a closet. In bins, bags, and occasionally stuffed in living room drawers much to the chagrin of my husband. 😉


***I'm bad at storage in general. Like purses. I'm TERRIBLE at purses (where I also keep yarn. ;/)

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  • 3 months later...

I mostly store in the sheet/comforter bags, bins or the packaging the yarn comes in. Since the plastic is being re-used, I'm OK with that. Sorting is mostly by project, then weight, then colour and is kept in an open closet we converted specifically for yarn. So far, so good though I am so easy when it comes to a nice yarn.

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