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Sandi Wiseheart

Sewing Support: Clothing Fixes, Alterations, & Mending

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@Sandi Wiseheart Those pajamas are awesome! 😍

I've been in a major slump recently, which has led to a lack of making anything and also a lot of isolating myself. I managed to talk myself into doing something smallish -- I knew it would make me feel better to have done something but was having trouble getting moving.

So anyway, I finally patched the shorts that split up the inside seam. I don't know how well the repair will wear given the overall condition of the material, but I think it'll make it through another summer. I think I'm going to do the other side as well. That seam isn't totally trashed but isn't looking so great either.

I'm wearing them now, and they're super comfy -- the patch isn't making them bunchy or uncomfortable despite it being pretty big, about 5"x3" to reinforce the whole area of weaker fabric. I went for a matching thread color due to not wanting to draw the eye to my inner thighs 😀 But now I really want to try a fun visible mend with the same technique.

The stitching isn't super neat, but the repair feels pretty strong.


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@Sandi Wiseheart Very welcome for the resource, it's a good one. I totally get the impulse to hack at it first, but having a good resource is sometimes invaluable. And glad the car situation is under control!

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@daisywreath: How are you doing today? I admit that I have been isolating myself too, to some extent. And not making things is one of my responses to Big Stress. Seems as though it ought to be the other way around, doesn’t it? I think for me, my hands feel as though they have a direct conduit to my heart sometimes; so if I am feeling Big Things or stressed, I have trouble doing anything “expressive”. Not sure if any of that makes sense.

Actually, starting up this mending thread and being more intentional about my mending has helped with this. Mending is something I can do with my hands, therefore soothing and satisfying; however, there’s not usually a big emotional investment in sewing on a button or patching something up.  Different emotional context, I suppose. 

I feel as though I’m circling around something important here, but can’t quite reach for the right words. 

Ah well. Perhaps this will resonate with someone else in some helpful way. 🙂

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Oh, and @daisywreathI think the mending job in the photo is very well done. That’s a hard area to patch up successfully! I’m glad the result is comfy—that is always my issue when trying to fix something along those inner seams. 

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@Sandi Wiseheart I'm feeling better today, thank you! I feel less stuck now. A lot of the time I can manage to keep my hands busy even when I'm having a hard time coping with things, which helps a lot. But in recent months that's been a little harder to do.

These small mending projects are helpful for me as well. It's small and self-contained and doesn't require a lot of sustained effort. And if it works out it feels great to have that piece of clothing back!

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