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Do you carry a sketchbook?

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I wish when I was young I had carried a sketchbook. I have always loved to draw. Now I keep a tiny one in my purse all the time. I keep a 5x8 nearby too and use it the most. I have filled two books so far and almost done with a third. I love to use watercolors and markers but dabble with acrylic and pencils as well. I am not much into collage so my pages are flat until I participate in an online challenge that includes collage. 

Want to share some of your pages? Here is some of mine.


you can see more on instagram: asketchylady 







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I don't carry a sketch book (used to, work at home now, so time out of the house is spent doing things that inhibit sketching) but love your stuff!

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I love your work!

This is something I'd love to get into the habit of, and I have a couple of little ones that would be easy to carry. I never seem to manage to remember, though! I've been planning to stash some supplies in my camera bag, since I recently got a new bag that has extra room. And if I stash everything in a ziploc bag, it won't be harmed by sharing a compartment with the dog's portable water bowl 😃


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I carry a notebook that I very occasionally draw in (mostly sketching out diagrams of what I'm going to make), but you're making me want to get a smaller pallet and carry my watercolors around with me!

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