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Fixing a thing.

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Hey gang! 

 I was thinking one of my fellow crafty adventures may actually have a good answer to this question .  I have a pair of overalls and the top part of the overalls always seems to flip over. (See sad duckface photo). 

I’d love it to lay flat but no matter how many times I iron it it always  flips back up.  Any thoughts on a good fix? 





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3 hours ago, daisywreath said:

Some kind of fusible thing between the bib and the facing (not sure if that's the right word), maybe? My ma swore by this stuff for hems. There's a heavier version if that seems too lightweight.

This might be a great solution! I’ll get some and try it & report back! Thank YOU!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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I would probably try matching thread and hemstitches to hold that down.  If the thread matches the color, and you just take small stitches that don't really go through the fabric, it shouldn't show on the front.

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I am going to try the fusible tape first because my "stitching" is limited to sewing myself to my machine. However, if it doesn't work, I'll try @Kim Werker and @KirstenG.'s suggestions!  My only concern is I am *NOT* a sewer - I can't even begin to show how terrible I am at it (I think that's a reason I'm giving up weaving, because I'm tired of table runners/scarves) and I've tried for years (we're talking since I was 8). 

(Truth: my first thought was "Maybe I'll just cut off the extra fabric?") 


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