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Kimberly Hirsh

Gonna make a swimmable mermaid tail!

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Okay, everybody. You're my accountabilibuddies. I want to get into mermaiding. I have a monofin and I'm going to just practice swimming with it for a while, but the whole point is to get to the place where I can have a mermaid tail and swim in it. This is going to involve sewing. I've got a great machine and a ton of resources at my disposal; the only missing pieces are space, time, and supplies. Current plan is to rearrange our house a bit this summer and turn what's currently our playroom into a family office/studio, I think, so that's step 1 to create the space. Anyway, I'm announcing it here so I'll have a place where people can check in and be like "Hey how's that mermaid thing going?"

There's also MerNetwork but I don't think I want to announce anything over there until I've actually got supplies.


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2 hours ago, Kimberly Hirsh said:

Anyway, I'm announcing it here so I'll have a place where people can check in and be like "Hey how's that mermaid thing going?"

I am HERE for this! I can't wait to see what you do! 

I know a few aerialists who do mermaid themed stuff - including a set of ladies who perform with full tails on lyras (the hoops in the air). It's pretty cool! 

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My wife practices with a monofin to help develop her ankle/calf strength (competitive swimmer at the provincial level). As a matter of fact, the fin she uses is the one on your monofin info page, bottom right; the bright yellow one.


I did a bit of poking, and found that mermaiding and women’s competitive swimming are intertwined—both of the first women to call themselves professional mermaids came from a competition background. (Got this from the link to info on mermaiding above; fascinating!)

My fave bit of info is that Daryl Hannah, who of course played a great Hollywood mermaid, had been practicing to “swim like a mermaid”—ankles fastened together so both feet act as a single driving force—since she was an elementary school kid. On the movie set, she could swim so fast with the mermaid monofin tail that her security divers and camerafolks could not keep up with her.

Apparently, once you get good with monofins, you can swim pretty darn fast with them!


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Rediscovered the BE A MERMAID section in my Bullet Journal today when migrating to a new notebook. Planning to finish moving the kid back into his own room this weekend and repurposing his current playroom as a family creative space: music, art, craft, writing. Once that's done, I may be ready to get some paper to make a tail pattern...

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