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Kim Werker

Sock Knitting Machine Advice

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I'm working on a collaboration with an artist, and I'm going to need to cover several long tubes with knitting or crochet. As it happens, the tubes are about the circumference of an adult sock. Which has me thinking of borrowing or purchasing a sock-knitting machine.

Anyone have experience with sock-knitting by machine? I know it's not the large/hat-size version I'd need, but the small/sock-size, for sure. But beyond that, do I need the schmancy Addi machine, or will a kids' machine do?

I won't be doing heavy production, but I do want something that will work well and last, since obviously if I get it I'll also want to use it to make socks!

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Might be worth outsourcing it. I have a friend in the San Francisco bay area that's rehabbed a sock knitting machine. She'd be a good point of contact if you want to do it yourself (I do, but that's another hobby I don't need), but it would probably work really well to just have her make them if you only need a few. 

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