Vegan Leather Repair?

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Hello Friends!

I have a vegan leather bag that is just over a year old and the edges of the straps are beginning to wear in an unsightly way.  What is the best way to repair/cover this so I can make it last a little longer?

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I don’t know exactly which edges and what they look like, but if it is possible, you might want to consider working a blanket-stitch over the damaged areas, using heavy waxed cotton thread or something like that fake sinew stuff. You would have to poke holes with an awl or similar tool, but that part goes fast if you have a sharp awl. 

Not an expert on sewing with leather, but have done it a few times. Repaired boots/shoes and bags, that sort of thing.

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@Nectaryne, I just had another thought (and not a sip of coffee yet, so you have been warned...): If you could find such a thing, you could take a scrap of matching or coordinating vegan leather, canvas, etc, and wrap that around the worn parts of the handle. You could KISS and fasten with strong stitching per my above post, using whip stitch rather than blanket stitch. Or, you could install a sturdy snap to close the wrap around the handle (not a sewn snap, a set-in-snap where you use a particular tool to put it in so that it is inserted into the material rather than being sewn on top).

If you were feeling fancy, you could make longish strips of faux suede and using craft glue to fasten the ends down, wrap the handle from one end to the other: spiralling wrap of one to three different strips; braiding, etc. 

OR, if some geeky stuff is OK, you could unfasten one end of the worn strap, feed it through a clear acrylic tube (think aquarium tubing) until the entire handle is inside the tube, then trim the tube to size and remaster the end to the purse. (OK, so that one is Out There, but remember what I said regarding lack of coffee today....)

I don’t know whether your straps are flat or rounded, so my ideas are kind of all over the place, sorry!  Maybe one of the ideas will spark something else from someone else, or even give you an inspiration.

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