Accessibility & Ravelry's new design

Kimberly Hirsh
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Are folks here following the developments related to Ravelry's new design and it's extremely poor accessibility? Not looking for a debate as I am 100% in favor of the fixes people are requesting and the new design gives me a headache quite literally, but just kind of looking for commiseration with people who have mostly been so proud of Ravelry and are also having weird feelings about this incident.

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They have kind of, but they're not doing a great job. I think they'll get there. At this point, the problem is as much their responses to the calls for accessibility as to the accessibility issues themselves, but it looks like they're moving in the right direction.

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So now there's a whole #OffRav movement I take it, but it's hard to find solid recent sources of information about this. I'm so sporadically in the fiber world that I don't have a good read on the whole situation, but if anybody else does and would DM me about it, I'd love to know more. Thanks!

ETA: I did find this blog post that is fairly recent and also links to several other blog posts.

ETA2: A couple more links. Liz Corke's Blog (multiple posts) Silvia Maggi Design

ETA3: One more!

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