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Replacement for disposable cotton rounds

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I hadn't done any sewing for a long time before I got the machine out to make masks. I was doing that thing where I felt like I couldn't sew anything else until I got this old project I'd stalled out on finished. After the masks were done, I remembered I'd been wanting to make something to replace those disposable cotton rounds (like these). At one point I had gotten as far as digging up fabric for it, a knit shirt that never did fit properly and some flannelette, but then I never actually started.

Once the machine was out for something else, I figured I might as well have a go at it. I cut apart the shirt, layered a chunk of it with the flannelette and cut it into strips, then cut the strips into smaller rectangles and zig-zagged the edges. I tried using a microtex needle at first, figuring the flannelette would make the t-shirt material act right, but I was getting a lot of skipped stitches. I switched to a jersey needle and flipped them over so the knit was on top while sewing, and things went much better after that. I made just six to start with a while back in case I hated them, then made a bunch more last weekend.

I love these things. They're nicer than cotton rounds and don't leave bits of lint on my face - woo! They're not pretty, the edges are a bit wonky, but they're very usable. I have a little plastic container that I drop the used ones into, and I wash the lot of them when I'm starting to run out.


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This is so great, Daisy! I made something like this a million years ago, and over time they slowly disappeared. I recently discovered an old flannel crib sheet, and now I know what I'll use it for! Yay!

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