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Kimberly Hirsh
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Hi folks! Every once in a while, I go on a streak of daily blogging. I've gotten away from it, and am trying to get back into it. For thoughts on why it's valuable, see this Austin Kleon post and everything it links to.

You can find my blog at kimberlyhirsh.com. It's a mix of personal and professional stuff, and I like it that way. (Astrology says this is because my Midheaven is in Pisces. Astrology may be bunk, but the fact that I have a hard time separating personal and professional stuff is not bunk. Also, astrology is fun for me, regardless of what anyone else thinks.)

Thanks for getting through that digression. Anyway, if you want to participate, I'd love to have you with me. Here are the rules:

1. Blog every day that you can.

2. If you miss a day, blog the next day.

Some corollaries:

1. Microblogging totally counts, so if you can only write a sentence or a quick bon mot, do it.

2. It would be cool though if you do it on your own blog, whether it's a short post or a long one.

3. But if you prefer to do it via social media, okay.

4. Photos count, too.

This is real loosey goosey with no check-ins or hashtags or anything. Just me looking for companionship on this road I'm on. And also looking for more fun blogs to read.

Here's my favorite blog post about how to fix the Internet.

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This might be just what I need to get my scribbles together into blog posts, thank you. I’ll give it a go, with the caveat that I have already failed about six such attempts lately, but who’s counting, right?

I have been wanting to write a day-by-day account of life amidst the viruses, and have notes and scribbles for each day since early March, so perhaps this will be a great kick-in-the-butt for me. Most of my readers read via RSS because I have a habit of posting at really weird intervals, sorry to say.

For those unfamiliar with my hijinks online: I was a personal blogger back in the early days of that kind of stuff. Then I was a professional blogger for several years in the publishing world. Since my pro blogging days, I have been trying to work on more regular postings to wiseheart knits, at sandiwiseheart dot wordpress dot com, my personal Everything blog. As you will see if you go there now, last post was a very difficult post for me during a bad time last summer, so don’t judge me on just that post alone, is my point. (Feel free to read back postings, if you feel so inclined.)

Let’s see if I can even get the first post up before we all get too excited about Sandi re-starting her blog, OK? LOL no pressure.

I love the links, @Kimberly Hirsh, thank you! All on tomorrow morning’s reading list. And your blog, of course. I’ve been wanting to read your blog and check out your site for months now, so this is a really good excuse, as if I needed one.


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Thanks Kimberly and Sandi for sharing your blog links. It is nice to read something *real* online for a change.

Kimberly, you have reminded me how much I love the Muppets. I'm thinking I need to re-watch all the movies now. 🙂

I have a blog somewhere out there on the Internet, but am not sure how to access it. I think right now it has a grand total of 1 post on it. But I have been thinking of starting a daily journal so that will be my project to start this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing more posts from both of you.


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I was going to blog every day. I still want to make that a goal, but I've discovered it is a challenge to go from zero to blog post in just a few days. I'm really having trouble getting back into the saddle, so to speak.

Someone's comment (sorry! I can't remember who said it, but it was brilliant, thank you!) about burnout was interesting: This clever person said to give myself a break: "If I had had to write three 1200-week posts on deadline with no breaks and no vacations for years then I might have a bit of trouble re-starting up no matter how long it had been" or words to that effect.

That's very nice of Whoever You Are to let me off the hook like that. However...The fact is that I am writing daily. Hundreds of words, even thousands on some days. So writing isn't the problem.

Publishing the words are a problem.

Total lack of self-confidence. Second-guessing myself constantly, over-editing, fears of rejection, you know, the whole ball of slightly sticky dried ink. I am writing; I cannot get myself to SHARE that writing. Grrrr.

I am going to try this to see if this idea helps (in the hopes that if it doesn't work for me, perhaps it will work for someone else): I'm going to go back through what I HAVE been able to publish: emails, forum posts, etc, and maybe gather together a paragraph or photo or whatever from each day last week and post those on the blog. I mean, I have already written it and posted it elsewhere, so it seems as though that would help.

I will give this a try and let you know.

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I have a blog, but I wouldn't necessarily call myself a blogger because I struggle to find things to write about daily. I'm trying to work on building some things up. I am blogging more than I did, but that is a low-ish bar. 

Also, what is the best way in your opinion to find blogs that you would want to read and/or comment on regularly? I've tried feed on Wordpress, but maybe I'm not doing it right or something. Who knows.


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