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The Creative Habit
Alice Creason

Try This: Write a Haiku

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I thought it might be fun to share tips and ideas for small, easy, doable things to try if you're struggling to build a daily creative habit. 

This exercise only takes a couple minutes each day and is for anyone who is trying to start a journaling, diary, or daily writing habit. You can use it by itself as a 2-minute daily diary entry or use it as a warm-up exercise any time you're feeling stuck.

The exercise is simple:

Write a haiku about your day.

A haiku is a very short 3 line poem that follows this format:

Line 1: 5 syllables

Line 2: 7 syllables

Line 3: 5 syllables



Had cabin fever

The sun was shining today

Went for a short walk


(Note: They don't need to be GOOD haikus!) Start this habit and pretty soon you'll start making up haikus for everything.

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Big event coming.

Will we have to cancel it?

Just need to decide.

This has been the all-consuming issue for me (leading to lots and lots of stress knitting!).

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Yes, I hear ya. Here is mine for today:

Staff meeting today

Everyone wondering, Will

the school have to close?

We are on spring break this week and watching other universities announce closures for the rest of the semester. Wondering if we are going to do the same...

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Just taking some chill

Deep breaths, deep thoughts, some action

Wait, where's my coffee?

My mornings have been lots of thing about stuff I have to do, while rubbing my dog on my couch, constantly losing my coffee. I feel like there;s a lot going on so I need extra time on quiet contemplation

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