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I've started dabbling in montype printing using a piece of plastic 'glass' that originally had covered a Melissa and Doug magnet set for my son. On a whim I decided to slap some paint on it and flip it over on paper and now I am hooked! One print I made but I've had some others. 


Anyone else have experience in this?

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I've been enjoying the print making and I think it helped open me back up into painting other things so now I'm finally starting to do more art. Just setting aside the time has been the biggest goal!

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I love making monoprints. I've done some linocut as well -- I haven't done much of that for a while, and I miss it.

I finally started making art again after a months-long dry spell. I spent a couple hours over the weekend making prints, some with a gel plate and some with a piece of glass. I had actually taken video of the whole thing to post in the art journaling group, but my SD card died in the middle of transferring the video to the computer (nooooooo!) and is no longer recognized by either the computer or the camera, so I think there's no salvaging it. Making more prints once I pick up a new card is a happy thought, though.

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