Week 4(ish): Repurposing

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Prompt: This is more of a doing prompt than a thinking/writing one: Try repurposing something you made that you didn't like into your journal. Cut up some collage paper you hated, use bits of fabric or yarn from a project that didn't work out -- see if you can bring something out of the ashes. (I have some really dreadful monoprints of the type that video #2 will be about that might find a home here!)

Videos: This "week" will probably once again be more like two weeks long.  The whole week concept has kind of gone off the rails a bit 😄 There are probably going to be 3 separate technique videos. The first is about making dendritic prints - this is a fun way to dip into monoprinting and is an easy win. This requires two pieces of glass (mine are from a couple of cheap picture frames), some kind of acrylic paint and a paintbrush. (And paper.) You can also use plexiglas -- I've read that the result might be slightly different but the basic principle should still work.

The second will cover monoprinting with a glass or plexiglas plate. You can use anything with a smooth, non-porous surface, really. I've seen it suggested to use a cookie sheet covered with foil for young kids. I'll be using glass and acrylic paint. People do this process with other materials like watercolor paint or block printing ink, but from what I gather both of those methods require wet paper to pull the ink of the plate, so acrylic is a simpler way to go.

And the third will cover printing on a gel plate. There are links in the supply list to recipes for creating one out of gelatin. Mine is a storebought one made by Gelli Arts. Gel Press also sells them and were slightly cheaper last time I looked.

Here's the first video:


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