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Resources: Books, Links, etc.

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I thought a place for recommended books, web sites, and so on might be good. If you have any suggestions, please post them!


Creating Art at the Speed of Life (Pam Carriker) 
This is the book that got me to try art journaling. Until I broke my wrist (about 6 years ago, I think) I had been getting back into drawing after not doing much of it since I was a teenager. After the broken wrist, I had lost a lot of muscle mass and was having a really hard time drawing. I had been attracted to mixed media art for a while but didn't know where to start, and this book was a really great jumping off point and broke me out of my inertia. 

Pedagogical Sketchbook (Paul Klee)
This one is public domain and can be found all over the web. It's brief, only about 50 or so pages, and is based on Klee's lecture notes for one of his classes at the Bauhaus school.

The Art of Expressive Collage (Crystal Neubauer)
Great overview of collage materials, techniques, composition, etc. I love her work.

Gelli Plate Printing: Mixed-Media Monoprinting Without a Press (Joan Bess)
Tons of demos of various gel printing techniques.

Doodles Unleashed (Traci Bautista)
Terrific resource for mark-making ideas and techniques. 

Reinvention: Sewing with Rescued Materials (Maya Donenfeld)
Ideas for making stuff out of reclaimed materials (including Tyvek - there's  a machine-sewn version of the Tyvek pouch I showed in the week 3 video on stencils in this book. The hand-sewn version I made was done following her Creativebug class

Web Sites & Videos & Such

Carolyn Dube's thoughts on the OOPS

Coptic Binding - Jody Alexander (Creativebug class)
This class is where I learned how to do Coptic binding, which is my favorite kind of binding. It opens and lies completely flat, which is ideal for working in a journal, and it's a fun technique. There are a lot of Coptic binding tutorials online, but hers is a little bit different and I love the way it looks. Her Anatomy of a Book class is also on Creativebug -- it's a quick one that gives a grounding in the techniques/materials used for bookbinding.

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer: Blog / Youtube
Julie's blog and Youtube channel are a huge trove of information on pretty much everything to do with mixed media. 

Upcycled Pouch - Maya Donenfeld (Creativebug class)
This is where I got the instructions for the hand-sewn Tyvek zippered pouch I mentioned in the week 3 stencils video. (It's super easy, all running stitch and was a pretty quick project. In the video I said I'd gotten the instructions from her book, but it turns out the version in the book is machine-stitched.)

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