Week 2: Continuum

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Hey all!

This week's prompt: Order vs Chaos 

For week 2, I was thinking about the continuum of order vs chaos in life and where along the line I feel most comfortable.  

How do you prefer things: Orderly, neat, planned-out? Or unplanned and more chaotic? Do you ever feel conflicted between the two?


This week's technique/tools video goes over using improvised materials for stamping and making simple foam stamps. I have this one finished and will post it below. In my journal spread video, I used the couple of stamps I made as well as some bubble wrap and styrofoam to do some stamping on pieces of deli paper, then collaged them into my journal. The journal spread video should go up on either Monday or Tuesday.

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The video is finally done and uploaded! When I started working on my journal spread last weekend, there were people moving into the apartment next door, which was pretty loud. I thought, "No problem! I'll do a voiceover later!" (This was easier said than done, it turns out.) I also had major difficulties getting the video uploaded - it uploaded to Youtube okay but got stuck at 0% processing for what felt like weeks.

Anyway!  I have the technique video for week 3 shot and just need to edit and post it, so it should be going up tomorrow. I'll be doing my next journal spread tomorrow, but since I'm only just getting last week's video up I'll probably wait until at least mid-week to post it.




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