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Sewing Clothes

Intros and Intentions

Kim Werker
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Tell us a bit about your desire to sew clothes! Do you know all about how to do it or are you learning from scratch? Are there particular things you most want to make? Are you motivated by any particular aspect to diving into this?

Do share!

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I've been sewing on and off since I learned in home ec in 8th grade (I'm still using the portable Singer Genie I got for my 15th birthday).  I enjoy making very simple garments:  No zippers, no buttonholes.  I like things that pull over, things that pull on, and things that wrap.  Pockets are also important.  

My biggest challenge is fit and material choice.  I recently got a dress form, so that's helping.  Amazing though, how some material that looks great on the bolt ends up making me look like grandma's couch.  I send a lot of self-made items to Goodwill.  When I choose the right material and an item fits, though, magic!

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I've been wanting to make my own A-line skirts for years now because I have a hard time finding ones that I like. So, I'm going to start out by making the simplest skirt I possibly can just to say I finally did it and so I can learn from the process.

I have not made any garments for myself beyond weaving scarves. I've never made anything clothing-wise where measurements mattered.

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I've always wanted to make my own clothes. I did manage to make some doll clothes and Halloween costumes when my kids were younger but have not delved into much more yet.

My husband did get me a new sewing machine for Christmas years ago but I'm not sure if I've used it more than a couple of times since then.

I also love the "slow fashion" movement happening now. Using recycled materials and creating stuff that lasts appeals to me. "Fashion" drives me crazy, it seems the designers choose the most hideous colours and shapes and then everything in the stores is based on that for a season.

So I'm going to start with some basic pieces and see how it goes. I just got a starter sewing book with simple patterns, I figured I needed a refresher and to start small. Usually I tend to just go for it with my basic 8th grade home-ec sewing skills and learn as I go. I expect some ugly clothes are in my future. 🙂


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