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The Holidays
Kim Werker

Winter Holiday Recipes

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We got to talking about holiday baking in our video chat today, and I thought it'd be fun to create a recipe swap. Which isn't really a swap so much as a thread where we can share our favourite holiday-related recipes. These will be different recipes depending on the time of year and the holidays that are coming up, so I labeled this thread for winter holidays, and we can make new ones as the seasons pass.

Ok, I'll start.

This is my go-to recipe for sugar cookies (which, not being a Christmas celebrator, I usually trot out for Halloween. 😁). As promised, no chilling needed.

I made these sufganiyot (jelly donuts) last year at Chanukah, and they were incredibly satisfying to make. I want to tweak the dough a bit so it's more flavourful, so we'll see if I can manage to figure that out this year. :)

Ok, your turn! What are your favourite things to cook or bake for winter holidays?

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Melody’s Maple Granola is actually a year-round breakfast staple for us, but Melody makes batches for the local church Christmas Bazaar, so it’s sort of festive!

You can obviously play with the ingredients to get a custom mix of your own!

P.S. I have never put chocolate chips in  this...but I have thought about it!

(I hope the file download works. It took me a stupid amount of time to figure out that my ipad doesn’t like this particular task. Worked fine with my phone. Darn Gremlins.)

High in protein and all tgat good stuff. Oh, and we use the darkest maple syrup we can get up here (super dark, delicious!) for the flavour. (Needless to say, for this recipe, ya gotta use the Real Stuff or the flavour will suffer.)

Breakfast of swim champions and knitting sopranos.



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