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Make It Mighty Ugly 2020
Kim Werker

Getting Started & Introductions

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Hello, and welcome to Make It Mighty Ugly 2020! We're going to kick this year off right – embracing the ugly and celebrating imperfection and setting ourselves up for a creative year.

The workshop-slash-book-club-slash-make-along will begin on January 6, 2020.

Until then, be sure to grab a copy of Make It Mighty Ugly from your bookshelf, your local bookstore, an online shop or the library.

But there's no need to wait till January to introduce yourself.

So go ahead and hit reply to this topic, and let us know:

  1. Your name
  2. Where you're from
  3. The last project you made that you loved
  4. The last project you made that turned out ugly (might be the same project! just saying)
  5. An adjective to describe your creative personality
  6. What you hope to get out of starting the new year off embracing the ugly

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I'm Marissa from Madison, WI.

I think the last thing I made that I loved is actually what I was making last night which was a Skeletor/Nyan Cat mashup embroidery. It just makes me laugh. I don't know what the last thing I made that turned out ugly was. I think if it was looking ugly, I probably would have totally abandoned it into some box never to see the light of day again 😉 I did really try and make an ugly doll when I first got the book and MAN, was that hard!

Hmmm...an adjective...probably "Scattered". I don't really have a "style" and I don't only do one craft and I work on WAY too many projects at once and am constantly finding more I want to do.

I'm not sure what I hope to get out of it yet. Maybe just a start and finish to something right away to make me get on the right track. Or maybe dedicating more time to all the online learning classes I've signed up for, but never taken.

Let's be honest though...I just like supporting whatever Kim does because she's so awesome.

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I am Kimberly from Seattle.

The last project I made that I love and want to wear all the time is an indigo dyed jacket.  I created the pattern and didn't realize how much I would love it until it was sewn up.

I sewed up a shirt recently out of what turned out to be horrible fabric and it was just all wrong.  It was so bad I didn't even finished I just banished it to the scrap bin.  This doesn't happen often to me, but I find it to be all consuming and super frustrating every time it happens.

I think my creative personality is best described as unbound.  I will literally try anything creative and then usually I get obsessed.

I have always preferred to be good at the things I make, so when I am not I get frustrated and move on.  I would like to work on embracing things when they are not good and not just abandoning it.


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Hi, I'm Alice, and I'm from the far south suburbs of Chicago.

I am working on a couple of projects now that I really love. One is a cross-stitch project that I really just need to finish. It's this pattern. I love Belle & Boo, and this is the third or fourth design of hers that I've stitched. The other is a counted canvas project. 

I have another cross-stitch project in-progress that I've been avoiding because I realized I just don't like the color palette, and I'm too far along to start over, and I'm ready to chuck the whole thing out even though I hate wasting fabric like that.

I'm a creative dabbler. I'll try just about anything--and I have the supplies to prove it--but I keep coming back to cross-stitch and weaving. I used to to more drawing and painting when I was young but had that kicked out of me by a particularly critical art professor in college. Sad, but it sucked away my desire to put paint to canvas ever again.

I joined this for the accountability to make SOMETHING, even if it doesn't work out as planned. Just to get things flowing again. But, I just found out yesterday that I might be having surgery on Jan. 6th, so who knows how much I'll actually be able to participate. But, I have the book, and I'll be reading along--even if it's from a hospital bed.

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Your name

I'm also Kimberly, but I'm not from Seattle.

Where you're from

Durham, NC, USA

The last project you made that you loved

I submitted my dissertation proposal yesterday, so probably that? It was really easy/fun/interesting to write, and I'm very proud of it.

The last project you made that turned out ugly (might be the same project! just saying)

I can't remember, but probably some food item.

An adjective to describe your creative personality

Emergent. I like to get to know a medium really well by following patterns/models/instructions and only then do I feel free to get thoroughly creative. Like, I might change colors or fibers, but until I understand something deeply I don't improvise. But I do eventually, if I stick with the thing long enough. For example, I was real into cupcakery for a while, and at first followed recipes, and then once I understood how they worked, I started to mix up the flavors by adding in different extracts or fillings.

What you hope to get out of starting the new year off embracing the ugly

I just like doing Kim's stuff, so I hope I get to, you know, do this.

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@Kimberly Hirsh Congrats on the dissertation proposal! 

I like your word "emergent." I realized as I was reading your post that I do the same thing. When learning a new craft I read the books, watch the YouTube videos, and--like you--follow established, published patterns. I never thought about before, but being able to go "off-book" so-to-speak is a great way to define when I've transitioned from beginner to intermediate or advanced in a craft.

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Hello everyone,

my name is Victoria, a California girl, who transplanted myself to a small town in Southern Utah.

My last project I loved is a Twiddle Muff crocheted for my mom who has dementia, it is her Christmas Gift for this year.

My ugly project sitting in a bag, is a sweater I made out of luscious yarn and it is unwearable because I can't sew and the sleeves are wonky under the arms.

For my creative personalty - Colorful is the word that comes to mind. Colors dominate my projects. They catch my eye and I must look closer. Currently I have 4, projects on the hook, all in amazing colors; I could also be considered a colorful person; I volunteer, take care of mom, and when I see the beauty in nature my imagination soars to our wonderful world of living color created for us.

My goal, funny, I talk about beauty around us, but I find it hard to find beauty within the daily struggle. Make it Mighty Ugly is something that spoke to me. I'd like to learn how to see beauty in ugly or how to make the ugly beautiful.

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My name is Corrie, and I live in Omaha, Nebraska (but I'm from D.C., which always seems like a really important distinction in a town where people start out conversations with "So what high school did you go to?").

The last project I made that I loved - Ugh. It has been so long since I made something (as in actually completed a craft), that I can't think of anything. However, I think I'll count my hammock performance in October as one thing I loved that I did, which I guess I'd consider a project. We also recently finished our kitchen remodel, and its the first time I've made some major "decisions" in terms of what things look like and I'm really happy with it.

I'm having a mixed relationship with making right now - particularly anything involving yarn and fluff. I used to be a KNITTER and spinner (you know the type - all my friends were knitters, all my free time was spent knitting, my travel was related to knitting and spinning) and now...it's not. So I feel like anything I make recently is ugly because I'm barely connecting with it anymore. 

Adjective - right now? Floundering. However, I think that's just my current frame of mind. Overall, I think 'dabbler' is a great description.

I love what Kim does, and I loved Mighty Ugly on my own, so I think it'll be good for me to do it with a group! 

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