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Public domain books as sources for collage imagery

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There are tons of public domain books available online that can be used as sources for collage imagery. Here are a few:

Kunstformen der Nature (Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel): The illustrations are amazing in this one: https://archive.org/details/KunstformenderN00Haec/page/n229 

Standardized Plant Names (great for background texture): https://archive.org/details/standardizedplan00amer/page/150

Atlanta Fugiens (medieval alchemical text): https://archive.org/details/atalantafugiensh00maie/page/n8

Microscopia Restaurata (18th century, text and illustrations describing all manner of things as viewed under a microscope): https://archive.org/details/micrographiarest00hook/page/n81

All of these are marked as public domain or are so old as to be clearly public domain with no restrictions mentioned. Sometimes the scans on archive.org will have a Creative Commons license detailing what you can and can't do with it. (Like the only scan I've been able to find of Therese de Dillmont's Encyclopedia of Needlework, which stipulates no derivative works, sadly.)

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