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Trying to find a weaving pattern for using a skein of yarn to make a scarf

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I’ve decided that I want to weave a scarf out of some of my (considerable) yarn stash. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can go about calculating the number of ends I need, if I know the weight of yarn I have. I’m confortable doing calculations, I just don’t know what to use.

I know this would be easier if I just followed a pattern and bought all the wool called for in the pattern, but I really just want to use what a I have to start.  

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To figure out your number of ends you multiply the sett by the width. If you have a 10-dent reed and you want your scarf to be 8’’ wide you would have 80 warp ends.  But  I’m not sure if that is your question exactly. Is it that you want to know how to sett your yarn? IAre you on a rigid-heddle loom? It is a way gross overgeneralization, but roughly speaking, bulky works in a 5-dent, worsted/DK in an 8-dent, sport in a 10-dent, and fingering in a 12-dent. Of course it depends on the type of yarn and how much it will bloom. This is a post I wrote about a new sett checking tool, but the top part gives you an idea of how to guesstimate sett with just a ruler. 

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