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Any interest in a journal-along project?

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I had this idea that it might be fun to do a journal project as a group, so I figured I'd post to see if there was any interest in doing this. Starting in January, maybe? I was thinking I could put together a basic supply list (using diy tools as much as possible to keep the cost down) and a few weekly prompts. If I can figure out a way to set my camera up over my desk I might be able to do a short technique video for each week. (I finally got my camera replaced by Canon - yay! The package was stolen after they sent it back from a warranty repair during the summer, and they kindly sent me a new one since Fedex didn't think it was their problem.)

I'm not an expert at any of this stuff, but reading through the art journal thread it seemed that it might be a good way to get started for anyone who's wanting to try it and feeling stuck.

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I would be VERY interested! I know nothing, saw stuff on pinterest, have 4 sketchbooks. I feel ready to make some ugly!

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YESSSSS. I'm with @Kuchylm on this – I have books, I know nothing, I would love to follow along and make terrible things so I can figure out how to maybe not make terrible things!

@daisywreath There's a new feature here on the site called "clubs" (I can't change the name! I hate the name, but it does describe the gist) – they're like forums within the forums, and perfect for something like this. You can see a couple in action if you click on the obvious link to it in the menu up at the top of the page.

Let me know if I can help you do this in any way!

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