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Morning Pages - Do you do them? What do you write?

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What are morning pages? Julia Cameron wrote "The Artists's Way" and in it discussed 3 pages handwritten or 750 words daily helps on your creative path. You don't censor yourself, you just stream.

My morning pages were epic when I was pregnant and had all the leisurely time to stare out windows and have deep thoughts.

Now my morning pages barely get done and if they do, it's like 1/3 of what morning pages should be.

I want to get back into it but wanted to know if other people do morning pages here and what do they use them for?

Mine are digital, on a website 750words.com, that I pay for monthly with the intent that this should help keep me accountable (it hasn't). The morning pages tend to be stream of consciousness but I would often leave the 45 min morning page sessions done with writing, but I hadn't done my own personal writing I was just internally going on about my thoughts, which is why I struggled to continue them if they weren't productive to my writing goals. 

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