Morning Pages - Do you do them? What do you write?

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What are morning pages? Julia Cameron wrote "The Artists's Way" and in it discussed 3 pages handwritten or 750 words daily helps on your creative path. You don't censor yourself, you just stream.

My morning pages were epic when I was pregnant and had all the leisurely time to stare out windows and have deep thoughts.

Now my morning pages barely get done and if they do, it's like 1/3 of what morning pages should be.

I want to get back into it but wanted to know if other people do morning pages here and what do they use them for?

Mine are digital, on a website, that I pay for monthly with the intent that this should help keep me accountable (it hasn't). The morning pages tend to be stream of consciousness but I would often leave the 45 min morning page sessions done with writing, but I hadn't done my own personal writing I was just internally going on about my thoughts, which is why I struggled to continue them if they weren't productive to my writing goals. 

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Sorry that I'm late to the party, but I did do Morning Pages awhile ago. I cannot remember why I stopped...which may in and of itself be a reason why I stopped! I couldn't do mine digitally. There's something about the pen/pencil (usually pencil) to paper that really helps me get some sort of flow. Mine tended to be stream of consciousness too.

On 10/27/2019 at 5:58 AM, Kuchylm said:

productive to my writing goals. 

What do your writing goals look like? I'm trying to do more personal and not-so-personal writing, but I get stuck. I'm not sure if having the occupation of a teacher makes it hard because it feels like "work" (both types). How do you overcome that and get it done?


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I've been trying to do morning pages. Kind of off and on right now as I don't always get the time to just sit and write without interruptions. Often they become "Evening Pages" and I do them right before heading to bed.

I HAVE been doing more creative stuff lately after a long period of not doing ANYTHING. That really started before the shutdown and has just continued through this. I'm not sure if the writing got me creating again or if it was just the right time for me to get back to it. Maybe a bit of both?

I did get Julia Cameron's book "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again" from the library. I figure that will speak to me more right now. After moving to the US a year ago, I am now unemployed and want to make a serious career change to do something art- related.

I think just putting pen to paper again has helped. When I was younger, I always wrote when I was going through something and it really helped to free myself from whatever was bothering me. I think now writing helps by just getting things out on paper. But I feel like maybe I'm not doing the whole "Morning Pages" thing right because I am not having any real epiphanies doing it. 😛

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