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I'm not sure if this is allowed since it was started by a different group on FB, but is anyone else doing the StitchMaynia #NanoStitchMo? I'd like to try it and I even have an idea.


(Also, delete this if it's not ok or I can)

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I'm out of touch with social media as I hadn't heard of StitchMania  until now and have no idea what #nanostitchmo is. The thought of starting a new project daily - shudder - not for me any more.

Since you're interested, give it a go. I'd be curious as to what your projects will be. 

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As long as it's about what we're doing in our participation (and not copying what the organizers are doing, which I'm sure you're not doing!), of course you can post about it here! I'm assuming NaNoStitchMo is about stitching every day in November? Do you have a link to what's up? Exciting!

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