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I decided we needed a thread for posting victories/finished objects.

A finished object is whatever you say it is. In other words, this is the place to crow about milestones as well as crossing the actual finish line.

I’ll start:

After months of not finishing anything, I finished a sleeve for the hoodie I am knitting. YAY.

I have already completed both fronts and the back, as well as most of the second sleeve. Left to do: the sleeve cap of sleeve #2; the hood; the making-up; the edging and button bands; and weaving in ends—and blocking, of course.



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@Kuchylm, thank you! And now that I’ve done my AM chores, maybe I can let myself sit long enough to finish the last bit of the sleeve cap on sleeve #2. I only have 30 rows left (including bind off); and of course they are all short rows in which half are decrease rows. 

Sooo. I have 50 sts now, and need to decrease/bind off down to 20 for the final BO.

Hmmm. Let’s see.

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I think my “cowl” turned into a scarf...


 I hemstitched the ends, but I think I trimmed the fringes too close to the stitches. I am going to add some machine stitching to make sure it all stays together.


Then I’m going to give it a good wash and dry and press. I’ll post another pic after that’s done. 


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I don’t have a photo, but the scarf has been washed and dried but not pressed yet. (I did end up adding some machine-stitching to the ends right at the base of the tiny fringes to help it all hold together better. So far so good.)

As for the hoodie sweater: I have sewn one side seam, picked up stitches for the hood, and knit about 1.5’ of the hood so far. I also have been gradually weaving in ends, and I have finished about a quarter of those. (The yarn breaks easily, as it is a single; this has resulted in many broken ends mid-row and many unseemly words from my mouth!)

That was a lot of ends, with more to do.

No photo of that either, but I just felt like saying YAY after working on this for a couple of hours today.


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@Sandi Wiseheart, that is BREATHTAKING! I love the colors and the weave and the whole look! Love love love!!! 

I haven't finished anything - SOMEONE (Timber, our 5 month old pup) drug two knitting projects out of their respective baskets and tore them apart. I've rescued one, but I'm not sure if the yarn will be rescued. The other I've yet to look at (but its a no-pattern legwarmer, so not hard to pick back up or even restart). We'll see how it goes. ;/ 

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More ends woven in. I think all the ends in the body section are accounted for.

Both side seams now sewn.

The hood is about 2” long by now.

I tried it on. It’s going to be “roomy” given the 30-odd lbs I lost since finishing the body parts, but oh well. 

Given how easily this yarn breaks, I am not at all sure that this particular garment will be around very long. I’m not sure how fragile the knitted fabric is.

I have more pics but the internet is wonky here tonight. 


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Congrats on finishing the scarf. What frustration with the yarn and yet here you are carrying on HURRAH. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

I've been able to cook lately and have been trying out some yummy African recipes I've been wanting to try out. Tremors have been challenging so no crochet work. A bit of a conundrum since the tremors are why I started crocheting again.

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Thanks, @Carol! After washing, the scarf turned out to be incredibly soft. I showed it to my therapist (I like to start sometimes by showing whatever I am working on), and she kept petting it for several minutes. Then she kept it on her lap for a but as I talked, stroking it like a cat.

She said it’s a good thing she dislikes pink so much. Ha! She did give it back but I could tell she really liked the feel of it.

That’s a nice win, considering I used scrap yarn (worsted weight mercerized cabled cotton) for warp, and ordinary sock yarn for weft. 
I used a VERY firm beat as I wove. It’s not stiff material, though.

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YAY! to getting that part of the sweater done! YAY! 


I finished the campaign I was working on tonight. My candidate lost, which was...not unexpected, but still disappointing. However, Now that it is over, and with the show behind me too, I am looking forward to new and good things. 

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I've been all about the knitting lately. I made a sweater for my grandson and finally finished my Central Park hoodie after three years. Some fingerless gloves snuck in there as well because my hands were cold 😄 and I made a hat for my roommate for Christmas. I love this hat pattern (Blue Poppy Hat by Valentina Cosciani) and definitely want to make one for myself later on after I finish the Christmas knitting.

I typically don't do a lot of knitting for Christmas gifts, but I figured since I was in a big knitting mood I might as well. I've been churning out dishcloths as stocking stuffers, and I'm planning a Wurm hat for my stepdaughter in some Targhee handspun. A couple of years ago we were at a fiber festival where she was eyeing a hat that looked a lot like Wurm, and I've been meaning to make one for her ever since. I finally wound a ball of the yarn I'm planning to use and am hoping to manage a gauge swatch today. (I need to spin some more yarn as well - I have one bobbin full and just need one more, I think, and then to ply it.)

This is about 2 months' worth of FOs. I've somehow managed to finish more knitting projects this year than any other year since 2010 according to my Ravelry notebook. I haven't gotten a lot else done with my spare time! But I seem to have snapped out of the funk I was in all summer and I'm so happy to be making things again.

The CPH could have been two or three inches longer, but on the whole I'm really happy with it. This is my first finished adult-sized sweater. I learned so much about seaming doing this!


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