NaNoWriMo Challenge (and subchallenges)

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November is almost here and with that brings NaNoWriMo - or National Write a Novel Month! I've participated 5 times, completed 3 successfully.

The goal is to write 50,000 words, ideally 1600 daily, by the end of the month.

This thread is for those wanting to do something towards this goal.

My writing group decided we're real ladies who have a lot on our plate and 1600 words daily is rough. It's also demotivating when you miss a day (hello, Thanksgiving?!) and you now have to do almost 5000 words in one day. Therefore, our goal is 200 words a day towards our novels

Here's a couple other writing ideas:

  • Write a blog post every day
  • Write a poem daily
  • Write a short story
  • Do your morning pages daily

I'll be posting here my progress, would love to know if anyone wants to particpate, what your personal goals are and join in as we enjoy this whirlwind journey!

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Yes yes yes! I'm so glad you started this thread, @Kuchylm!

My goal for NaNo this year is to finish the draft I started last year. Turns out I'm not quite the pantser I thought I'd be, and I need to plan things out now that I'm 30k words in. This is a good thing, and I want to use the month to make serious progress after being stalled for months.

I'm writing my first ever fiction – a romance novel set in a small town on the Sunshine Coast of BC, featuring a charming and mildly tortured veterinarian named Josh who thinks he's fallen in love at first sight with The One, but she never returns his texts and it turns out – buh buh BUH – she died in a car wreck with her dog in the car, and the badly injured dog ends up in Josh's care. Enter the dead woman's sister, Dana, a new-to-the-nearby-big-city meteorologist and here you have the unexpected romance. Does Josh tell Dana he'd had a blissful one-night stand with her dead sister? Of course he doesn't. Until it's too late for it not to be a major lie by omission. As Dana adjusts to the sudden loss of her little sister and figures out how to care for her dog, she reevaluates the path her life was on. And now I wave my fingers and my arms and ta-DA! Josh and Dana redeem each other and live happily ever after the end.

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@Kim Werker I'm also working on a sexy novel, more on the erotica side. My friend and I decided to challenge ourselves by creating a book we would put on kindle unlimited to see how well they would do. We chose genres of the top selling books - romance erotic (me) and mystery (him)

Book Title - Tomatillo Gardenia

Lila, burned by her ex, decides to not let him get her down. Working at the restaurant, Tomatillo Gardenia, everyone seems to have an opinion on the situation. Why do guys seem to have all the fun? This is the Summer of Lila, where she will stretch her inhibitions and indulge in the love self care she thinks she needs. But as the summer progresses, friends turn into something more enticing and flings start to evolve into something more delicious. Has Lila gone too far? 

At Tomatillo Gardenia, everything and everyone is on the menu...


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Hey @Kuchylm, wanna try out a nifty site feature with me? We have the ability (by which I mean, all members of the forum are able to do this) to start up "clubs". A club is like a forum/group that's a part of this site, but separate from these main forums; kinda like how a Facebook Group is part of FB but outside of our general streams.

NaNo seems like the perfect kind of thing for this – just one thread here in the main forum may not be great for potentially wide-ranging topics, etc.

Wanna be a trailblazer and set up our first club? OR I can set it up, and make you a moderator with me? You're just nudging conversation here so enthusiastically, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. :) Let me know!

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