Quilting, anyone?

Sandi Wiseheart
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Anyone working on a quilty project?

As I said elsewhere, I have a kit to make Elizabeth Hartman’s The Kittens quilt; the fabric is Tabby Road by Tula Pink, which is a collection of cat-themed prints. 

I’ve been doing the math, as the pattern calls for only 12 FQs and I have (gasp) 26. I’ve been sorting those and trying to put them together into interesting pairs—the pattern calls for choosing 2 FQs for each type of cat face; there are 5 different faces. Each pair makes 3 faces. So 6pr x 3 = 18 faces. 

See this is where I get confused. The quilt shows 30 faces, but clearly only calls for 12 FQs. I think there must be a typo in the number of FQs. 

Fortunately, I have 26 FQs or 13 combinations. If I were to use all 26 fabrics, I would end up with 13 x 3 = 39 faces! That’s a huge quilt, given that 30 faces (5 rows, 6 columns) gives you a 66” square quilt. I could add an extra row of faces to a 6x6 grid; that would give me what, a double-bed size? (I have to look that up.)

I’ve been playing with the FQs, attempting to put them into interesting pairs. I figure since each pair makes 3 faces, I can mix and match the shapes so that each of the three is a bit different from the other. (These are a few of the combos.) 

The challenge is that some of the prints have big repeats, so, for example, I won’t be able to get in an entire cat on the cat fabric. I’m thinking about that one. Can I combine some of the shapes into a larger area to show off the bigger prints? Or, another option: I could make several cat faces all one fabric and more or less one single piece of fabric (ears excluded). 

I started cutting out on combo, and wow. Those cat faces are deceptively complicated. Even the simplest one is made up of 9 or 10 pieces. 

In other words, not a quick quilt. 

I put a new blade in my Rollie Cutter. 🙃❤️





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Hm. My photos are showing up as hyyyuge. I tried dragging the corner to make them smaller, but that doesn’t seem to work here. Hm. I shall work on this. It would be a PITA if I had to re-save every photo as a smaller version of itself. Anyone have any ideas here?

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@Sandi Wiseheart  In the Greenhouse quilt, the photo on the cover and the obvious materials list were not for the same sized quilt! There was a table inside that detailed three different sizes. Maybe Kittens is the same?  Quilty math is only fun sometimes.

As far as photos, yours look good on my devices.  Not too huge!

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Yesterday (Wednesday 24th July) I completed a test block for The Kittens quilt. (First photo.) I only used one fabric because I didn’t want to slash up a bunch of my “good” fabrics before I figured out what exactly I wanted to do with them.

I like it! Finished size of just the cat block alone (without sashing) is about 9.5” H x 7.5” W.  So, again without sashing, 5 cats x 5 cats would be mumble-snort, with 2” sashings, 60”h x 50”w.   Pattern is 6x5 cats, sooo 71” H x 50” W or so. 

That’s useful. Now to figure out borders for the wall hanging.

I also spent a goodly amount of time playing with the 26 fabrics I have to see if I could fit them into some sort of gradient arrangement on the actual quilt. This is what I came up with (second photo) using the black&white function on my camera to aid in organizing the gradient values. When I actually laid out the fabric quarters for the photo, I went with dark to light gradient from blue to center, then light to dark from center to pink. The blue stripes will be dominant fabric in the square at bottom right corner; red with pink hair balls (it’s a cat-themed set of fabrics) will be dominant at top left corner.

The final photo’s caption would be: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion...”. 🐾🐾😎🐾🐾




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