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  1. I would probably try matching thread and hemstitches to hold that down. If the thread matches the color, and you just take small stitches that don't really go through the fabric, it shouldn't show on the front.
  2. Love it. I am really attracted to your white, perforated, letter holder thingy. I will be looking for one of those.
  3. I started getting a bunch of peg stamps (they're addictive!) and needed a good place to put them. I re-purposed an old spice rack, and added a matboard backing held on with wire and washi tape. I like how functional it is. Does anyone else have a storage solution they'd like to share?
  4. KirstenG.

    Some Origami

    Here are some little bits of origami that I've done. I always worry that my folds are not straight enough, but it usually looks ok in the end. I just thought that this area needed some Love.
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