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  1. Nice! Did you see my every day carry bag? https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17885203894333897/
  2. @daisywreath I love it! It's so beautiful!
  3. Hey! I'm working on a latchhook bathmat with t-shirt yarn (like old t-shirts that have been cut into strips), and I'm running out of t-shirts. It takes WAAAY more than you think it does. Anybody have any that they would like me to recycle? Here's the beginning of the project from my twitch stream if you wanna see. Don't worry about the mature audiences thing. I curse occasionally. No nudity or anything like that.
  4. In case y'all have knits to mend, I've put some tutorial videos up on YouTube. Working on a set for woven fabrics. Duplicate Stitch Method: Weaving Method: Fixing a hole in a T-shirt: Also, I have been loving this woven method turned at a 45 degree angle to allow it to stretch.
  5. Might be worth outsourcing it. I have a friend in the San Francisco bay area that's rehabbed a sock knitting machine. She'd be a good point of contact if you want to do it yourself (I do, but that's another hobby I don't need), but it would probably work really well to just have her make them if you only need a few.
  6. My studio is a constant work-in-progress for all my stuff. Currently logging my fabric and pattern stash in trello and wrapping them in small bolts on comic book boards.
  7. If you're looking for some amazing handmade watercolors, I recommend both https://www.caseformaking.com/ and https://www.miezewatercolor.com/ who is local to me. I took a class from her and her watercolors are made with lavender EO and honey. So they smell lovely when you use them!
  8. These are beautiful!! I love your combination of geometric repeating patterns and organic forms.
  9. I carry a notebook that I very occasionally draw in (mostly sketching out diagrams of what I'm going to make), but you're making me want to get a smaller pallet and carry my watercolors around with me!
  10. Not that I really feel like recommending a Bluprint class right now, but Meg McElwee's Sewing With Knits class - https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=253536&u=1699437&m=29190&urllink=www.craftsy.com%2Fsewing%2Fclasses%2Fsewing-with-knits-5-wardrobe-essentials%2F35535&afftrack= - was a godsend for me. You don't need a serger, just a sewing machine that has a couple of fairly standard stitches (lightning bolt and 3 step zig zag). All the knit fabric stuff I've sewn (including an obscene amount of custom leggings) has all been on my standard machine. Also, if you are hoping to do this on the cheap, I would highly recommend getting on Girl Charlee's mailing list - https://www.girlcharlee.com/. They have the best prices on knit fabrics I've found including right now the 99 cent half yard sale. They sell half yard cuts, which are great if you're making underpants or small baby things. And from time to time they have super great sales on other stuff. For instance, I got a package this week that had some other cotton spandex jersey in it to make dresses, but 3 yards of a tencel spandex print fabric that cost me $1.70 a yard. Going to use that one for the muslin. Also, the patterns that come with the Meg McElwee class are great.
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