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  1. So very cool, Kim! (Also, love your overalls. :))
  2. Ooooh, this is a good one. I've never thought about it (I opt out of getting the new case at my optometrist - though they try, and have found that store-brand lens solution doesn't come with extras). However, a search shows that 1800 contacts has some ideas: https://www.1800contacts.com/connect/articles/24-reuses-contact-lens-cases
  3. Hahahah. @Sandi Wiseheart The big challenge for me is to not yell “I’m changing everything!” At the last minute!
  4. So I recently joined an aerial performance troupe, and our first show is a Halloween Themed show in October. My piece is going to be in a hammock (I shared some examples in this post). I thought it would be fun to do a thread about my costume - mostly because it has to be a surprise, so I can't post on Instagram, and I need a way to keep myself accountable. I'm going to go with the old-school Bride of Frankenstein: And while my costume has to be way shorter than that (think butt-length), I plan on keeping true to the form (minus some glitter on the costume, because performances demand glitter). I've already found the hair tutorial, which I will be trying in the next week or so. I'l share how that goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE9naY2aLLk Next up (uh, besides actually working on the routine) is for me to sketch out my costume idea and draft out my supply list! I've got a little less than 2 months to get this done and between the hair, the costume and the actual routine, it's a lot, but I know I can do it!
  5. until

    I’m so sorry! Yesterday was our first day back from vacation and everything was chaos. 😕
  6. Oooooh, a manifesto! I wrote so many of those in my Riot Grrrl/Zine days!!!! I may have to jump on that train! and @Sandi Wiseheart, OF COURSE OF COURSE of course I’ll be your idea-helper!!!!
  7. I actually finally used fusible tape for those overalls! Looked great on first wear, but will see if I need to sew down after a washing!!!!!
  8. Corrie

    Envelopes and Glue

    I LOVE THIS! I used to make envelopes back when I was a prodigious pen-pal-er back in the 90s. I used to get Cricket magazine from Goodwill/The Library (old ones they were selling) and I'd make them into art books. I used plain ol' glue sticks though. However, now, I'm not sure what I'd use.
  9. This sounds amazing! 🙂 You had me at dystopian SFF/Romance. 😉
  10. Corrie

    Soft Yarn

    Yay!!! So glad it helped!
  11. @Surya, "Fixeries" sound amazing!!! I wish we had that here (I'm sadly, in the middle of the Midwest!) I love the idea of learning how to mend among other people too! I'm struggling too @Sandi Wiseheart. Mostly because we're outside a lot with the kids and its hot and I don't wanna do anything. 🙂 ❤️ This weekend I may focus on AT LEAST AT LEAST AT LEAST fixing those stupid overalls. I hurt my back and am taking a week of my classes, so I'll do SOMETHING. 😉
  12. Corrie

    Soft Yarn

    Ooooh, that is tough. I'll say that I haven't actually bought yarn-yarn in about 5 years, because I spin, but I have the same problem with spinning fiber. If you can't get great options here (though I suspect some people have opinions), you could look at fiber content. Some fibers are softer than others. This article outlines the science & stuff behind it: http://overtherainbowyarn.com/yarn-microns-and-softness/ It doesn't list specific brands, but it can help you decide what you may be looking for (or a place to start?). I swear I used to get sample cards (cards with little pieces of yarn attached so you could see color/feel/etc) but I haven't seen many indie dyers doing them. (This was back in the early 2000s thought and lots has changed!)
  13. Corrie

    Storing Wool

    Ugh. Does just "a closet" count? I am SO BAD at fiber storage.*** I used to have a room and in it was a bunch of bins and I could see everything (they were wood, slatted) and then the wool was hung in the closet and it was wonderful. But then I had a second kid, and now my wool is all in a closet. In bins, bags, and occasionally stuffed in living room drawers much to the chagrin of my husband. 😉 ***I'm bad at storage in general. Like purses. I'm TERRIBLE at purses (where I also keep yarn. ;/)
  14. Thanks @Sandi Wiseheart! 🙂 I need to fix my overalls, and I need to fix a dress that had the strap break on it. I probably have other things I need to fix too, but they are all in the closet that I am Too Busy To Go Through. However, maybe I'll start just working on those two things, and then see where it goes!!! (Not today, because I had a kid spend the night with AJ and am BEAT, but maybe tomorrow?)
  15. Yes! Let’s do it!
  16. I personally could just use accountability for actually fixing some things. I even bought pretty thread to do some visible mending (!!!) but haven't done anything yet. 🙂
  17. This is all because of you, @Miriam Felton- funny thing is, I still remembered how to do it!
  18. @Sandi Wiseheart Yes please! 🙂
  19. THIS! I have things to mend. I have things I would wear the HECK out of. I....do not fix them because I don't wanna. (Like a four year old who doesn't to brush their teeth before bed. I just don't wanna).
  20. This might be an actual situation of me running to Joann's on the way from dropping the kids off at swimming. 😉 (But also, when I go through their clothes & see what's useable and what's not, I will msg you if I have extras. We have So. Many. Shirts.)
  21. Ok, I started by thinking "Mr. Corrie and the kids have WAAAAAAY too many t-shirts that needed dumping and surely I can send her some" and then watched some of the video and ended with "OMG THIS IS A THING I WANT TO DO." I used to love latch hooking as a kid. LOVED. I've occasionally thought that it would be a great idea to use my handspun scraps (I have a lot) and do latch hook but this also looks amazing.
  22. Thanks @Sandi Wiseheart! I still haven't gotten my butt to the store to get the fusible tape stuff mentioned above, so I may get glue and try it if the other stuff doesn't hold. I need to mend a lot of stuff, and need to have a conversation with myself about how I spend my own time. 😉
  23. I love everything about this!!!!!! 🙂
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