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  1. I love your work here! I am a member of ATCs4all, although, I haven't traded in awhile. You have inspired me to go back and give it a look again.
  2. This is awesome! Way to go for getting ideas going and words on the page. My writing lately has been geared towards my school work, but I have been playing around with poetry (and the voice I hear when I read it--because it sounds like words, but not like what I would characterize as my voice) and writing a personal manifesto. It isn't necessarily geared towards creativity, but I am sure it will be involved somewhere! Cannot wait to hear more!
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    Soft Yarn

    Thanks Corrie! The article helped a lot as it showed me how yarns are made and gave me some perspective!
  4. angelak

    Soft Yarn

    Hi everyone! I live in an area where there I am limited to Hobby Lobby and Michaels for yarn, and it often feels like my yarn selection is, well, rather limited. While I could purchase yarn online, I generally like to feel my yarn first because if it feels scratchy/hard, I find it hard to work with. Since I live in a generally warm climate, I tend to stick to Medium to Chunky yarns, but I'm open to other yarn as well. I was hoping that the group may be able to give me some brand suggestions to work with. Thanks in advance for your help!
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