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  1. Thank you Corrie! Will let you all know how it all progresses 🙂
  2. Hello Creative Adventurers, Are you all writing? What are you writing? I would love to hear about your work! Let me share a little bit about what I have been writing since March. I am in the middle of my first draft or better known as the SFD 😉of a SFFish dystopian romance. *whispers* My first time writing anything since my college papers. This is my crazy telenovela for moles because the majority of the story occurs underground in a bunker facility post global environmental collapse. There is an enemies to friends/lover vibe going on with our main characters Wye and Cooper and the more I write about them they more I love them. Getting closer to the end and I just have to say this has been so much fun. I love making things up, who knew?! The crazier, the better. Throw it in there and we can revise, revise, revise later. Would call myself a plantser, a bit of plotting and A LOT of writing by the seat of my pants and since I have failed to write linearly, it is a Franken Word document at this time. I believe I know the ending but am having a hard time getting the story there because my writing time the past month has not been super productive. So I have been writing on my paper notebook which surprisingly helps get more ideas flowing. If you would like, please share how things are going with your writing. Would love to chat all about your work, writing process, help with ideas.,etc. Happy to help in any way I can. Let's have fun with our writing. Thanks for being here Creative Adventurers! Hope you have a fantastic creative week ahead! Best regards, Glori
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