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    I love making monoprints. I've done some linocut as well -- I haven't done much of that for a while, and I miss it. I finally started making art again after a months-long dry spell. I spent a couple hours over the weekend making prints, some with a gel plate and some with a piece of glass. I had actually taken video of the whole thing to post in the art journaling group, but my SD card died in the middle of transferring the video to the computer (nooooooo!) and is no longer recognized by either the computer or the camera, so I think there's no salvaging it. Making more prints once I pick
  2. I hadn't done any sewing for a long time before I got the machine out to make masks. I was doing that thing where I felt like I couldn't sew anything else until I got this old project I'd stalled out on finished. After the masks were done, I remembered I'd been wanting to make something to replace those disposable cotton rounds (like these). At one point I had gotten as far as digging up fabric for it, a knit shirt that never did fit properly and some flannelette, but then I never actually started. Once the machine was out for something else, I figured I might as well have a go at it. I c
  3. Thank you, everyone! I didn't think I'd be away for so long - long story short, I've been having what were probably vestibular migraines (migraines plus bonus vertigo and motion sickness) which were kind of interfering with life a lot. I finally found some exercises for the vertigo part of things and for about two weeks now I haven't had a migraine *or* an episode of vertigo. And I can wear my glasses again without feeling like I've been trying to read in the car! 😄 So I think I'm back in a place where I'm able to pick this back up again - yay! I haven't made much art in months due to my
  4. I'm sorry for the disappearing act! I thought I had already come by and left a note, but it looks like I didn't. I've been sick - nothing major, more a series of unfortunate events (multiple colds punctuated by a series of migraines). I'm feeling super run down and low on energy, but I'll be back as soon as I'm able to.
  5. Prompt: This is more of a doing prompt than a thinking/writing one: Try repurposing something you made that you didn't like into your journal. Cut up some collage paper you hated, use bits of fabric or yarn from a project that didn't work out -- see if you can bring something out of the ashes. (I have some really dreadful monoprints of the type that video #2 will be about that might find a home here!) Videos: This "week" will probably once again be more like two weeks long. The whole week concept has kind of gone off the rails a bit 😄 There are probably going to be 3 separate technique v
  6. I finally have the third video from week uploaded! Part of why this took so long (and why I ended up with twice as much video as previous weeks) was the combination of stenciling and doodling that I did. Both can be a little time-consuming. Both tend to be kind of meditative for me, though, so I had no idea how much time I'd spent at it until I started looking over the video. Over the next week we'll look at a couple of methods of monoprinting. Printing with a gel plate is another great way to use stencils, and it's really gratifying how much cool imagery you can create in a relative
  7. Hey all - I'm breaking the second video into two parts because it was long. In this first one I was making collage paper to use for my journal spread:
  8. I've been sort of off the grid a lot this week due to a combination of family issues and something that might have been food poisoning. (I feel much better now.) This has made week three sort of drag out to more like a couple of weeks 😄 I'm finishing up what was supposed to be last week's journal spread today & will be posting it once I get the video finished up.
  9. The stencil video is up. This is kind of a long one -- I've been trying to keep the tools/technique videos short, but apparently I had lots to say 😄 One of the manila folder stencils in the title card to the video (the one with the big circles) isn't actually in this video. I made it while I was working on my journal spread today -- it's a piece of manila folder that I punched with a one-inch hole punch. (I also made another one at the same time with a regular-size hole punch. I meant to do it during this video but totally forgot.) The Tyvek pouch I showed in this video was made wit
  10. Hello! Week 3 Prompt: What patterns do you find repeating themselves in the things you make? In the things that bring you joy? In the things that undermine your creativity? Videos This week's technique video is on stencils, focusing mainly on improvised and hand-cut stencils. Nothing too scary -- I made one from paper (folded and cut with scissors), a couple cut from a manila folder, and one from a piece of Tyvek envelope. PS: Just a heads up in case you want to get supplies -- for week 4 I'll be doing monoprinting. I'll be demoing two methods, one using glass/plexiglas (a pie
  11. The video is finally done and uploaded! When I started working on my journal spread last weekend, there were people moving into the apartment next door, which was pretty loud. I thought, "No problem! I'll do a voiceover later!" (This was easier said than done, it turns out.) I also had major difficulties getting the video uploaded - it uploaded to Youtube okay but got stuck at 0% processing for what felt like weeks. Anyway! I have the technique video for week 3 shot and just need to edit and post it, so it should be going up tomorrow. I'll be doing my next journal spread tomorrow, but si
  12. Quick non-update: I had an audio issue that I need to fix before the next video goes up, so "Monday or Tuesday" is turning out to be closer to Friday.
  13. @Kuchylm I love this - thank you for posting it! I've actually been re-watching Daria lately and that quote so completely resonated with me. I didn't manage to end up in an actual career as opposed to a for-now job until I was past 40, and I'm so glad of that because I really like my job and there's no way I would have been where I am now if I'd picked something at random when I was too young to have any idea what I wanted out of life.
  14. I thought a place for recommended books, web sites, and so on might be good. If you have any suggestions, please post them! Books Creating Art at the Speed of Life (Pam Carriker) This is the book that got me to try art journaling. Until I broke my wrist (about 6 years ago, I think) I had been getting back into drawing after not doing much of it since I was a teenager. After the broken wrist, I had lost a lot of muscle mass and was having a really hard time drawing. I had been attracted to mixed media art for a while but didn't know where to start, and this book was a really great
  15. I'm also going to start adding any links, books, etc. that I mention in the videos to a resources thread in the supply list/resources section. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!