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  1. Of course! That's what happens when I'm listening to too many things at once. In that case, these tutorials are pretty good:
  2. In our group chat yesterday I mentioned I'd just torn out an article from an old Quilters' Newsletter on English Paper Piecing. It's available as a free pdf online from Quilting Daily! Linked and attached for good measure. @Miriam Felton QN1607-English-Paper-Piecing.pdf
  3. I just can't get over how beautiful your spot is! (The table is great too.)
  4. @angelak School writing here too. And I think maybe @Kimberly Hirsh is working on a thesis/dissertation. (Do I have that right?) What inspired you to work on the manifesto?
  5. @Sandi Wiseheart In the Greenhouse quilt, the photo on the cover and the obvious materials list were not for the same sized quilt! There was a table inside that detailed three different sizes. Maybe Kittens is the same? Quilty math is only fun sometimes. As far as photos, yours look good on my devices. Not too huge!
  6. Mending update from the Blue Castle - Started my inventory of the overflowing mending basket. At least three things were actually dry cleaning, not mending so those will go into the car and off to the cleaner. Several things were really items I intended to cut up for another project. Those will be moved to a project box for now. I chose two things to start my mending journey. This coat was made by my grandmother and I just love to wear it! It has been missing a button and the lining was pulling away. Button now affixed and lining retacked! The other item is a brown sweater I c
  7. Exciting happenings over here. Several years ago, my favorite envelope glue went out of production. (Autocorrect chose "proportion" there and out of proportion was probably the scale of my reaction to being glueless.) Almost any old glue is fine for making envelopes, but sealing is different. Somehow I missed this post from Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman's Knock. The recipe was quick and easy and does not smell terrible. Anyone else here a habitual envelope-maker?
  8. Sheets come in fabric bags too! They may not be as useful for easy visual inventory or as insect barriers, but with some cedar bits or other keep-moths-away type sachets they are decent for storage. I have some of those piled in a pretty bamboo bowl.
  9. I use a combination of the plastic sheet bags and bins on shelves in one closet. My current rule is, if it doesn't fit in the closet, it doesn't come home with me. For the record, it's not working yet.
  10. Good ideas! I’m going to check my supply stash and see what jumps out at me now that my brain has a place to start.
  11. @Sandi Wiseheart - What a great idea! I have an overflowing basket and would like to make some progress on it soon. I’ll inventory this weekend. Maybe I can mend while we chat!
  12. Hello Friends! I have a vegan leather bag that is just over a year old and the edges of the straps are beginning to wear in an unsightly way. What is the best way to repair/cover this so I can make it last a little longer?