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  1. Great! (There's a double layer skirt in there I tried and failed to make.)
  2. Just sayin': Sonya Phillip and 100actsofsewing.com ~ highly recommend.
  3. I've been sewing on and off since I learned in home ec in 8th grade (I'm still using the portable Singer Genie I got for my 15th birthday). I enjoy making very simple garments: No zippers, no buttonholes. I like things that pull over, things that pull on, and things that wrap. Pockets are also important. My biggest challenge is fit and material choice. I recently got a dress form, so that's helping. Amazing though, how some material that looks great on the bolt ends up making me look like grandma's couch. I send a lot of self-made items to Goodwill. When I choose the right mater
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