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  1. @Kimberly HirshAll that blather said and done: If you discover any useful ideas for repurposing other writings into a blog post, I am all ears! edited to add your name!
  2. @Kimberly Hirsh You know, I just recently started thinking about repurposing my writings in various places for my blog. It would help me post more often, which would make me happy (and apparently, it would make my readers happier, too). It’s not as though I don’t write very much each day; the only days where I write fewer than 1500 words are days when I am sick or REALLY busy. It’s just a matter of where I have written my usual couple of thousand words a day. Apologies for the twisted double negative phrase back there. Attempt at humour got lost in the tangle. I meant that writing a bunch
  3. LOL. Not by chance; I suspect that I got each idea above from someone whose writing I admired. Did you manage to write a post? Let us know when you have something you’d be OK with us reading, and give us the link, please. (Yeah, I can totally find your blog in a nanominute, but I’d feel better knowing it’s OK with you that some of us come on over into your space. LOL) Regarding writer’s block: I don’t know if you are into this sort of thing or not, but if you are Ok with ghost stories—Haunted Modern Southern U.S. almost Gothic ghost stories—then I highly recommend Bag of Bones (that’s the
  4. Blog posts can be a beatch to get started on. I have one of those idea lists, too. Something which works is for me to start out writing FOR ME, write a little bit about how I am doing that day, WHAT I am doing today...and then, poof! It’s a stealth blog post! Well. I edit out the personal stuff later, it’s just a way to get my fingers moving on the keys. Another thing which works sometimes is to think of a topic and then, again for yourself, start writing your opinions about whatever it is. It’s for you, so snark away, complain, or praise and clap. I find that I almost always have a
  5. THIS. All of it. (Did you write the blog post? I should pop over to your blog and see!) The whole idea of productivity being the highest good, and how so many of us as Makers (may) have incorporated that into our psyches, is rather unsettling. It rings true, but I wish it didn’t, if you know what I mean. This concept is very helpful, I think. Stayed tuned. 💖🧶🦄🌷
  6. What an odd little problem this one is! It looks as though it ought to have been super-easy. Hm. I am really curious as to the structure of that knitted fabric. I can’t easily tell the details/clues that would help me to figure out what is going on so as to be able to answer your question! I’m trying to figure it out from the photos, but can’t, so here’s a couple of questions for you: 1. It looks as thought the stitches are formed using the yarn held triple. True? 2. What happens if you try to rip back the sleeve just a few rounds, enough to be able to put it back on the needle
  7. I say just read the central book series in order: Rosemary and Rue A Local Habitation An Artificial Night Late Eclipses One Salt Sea Ashes of Honor Chimes at Midnight The Winter Long A Red-Rose Chain Once Broken Faith The Brightest Fell Night and Silence The Unkindest Tide There is a list of short stories and novellas which can be inserted into their proper place, as you say. It took me quite a while to track down some of the bits not in books; a couple of them exploded my Kindle, so I am not sure I want
  8. I was going to blog every day. I still want to make that a goal, but I've discovered it is a challenge to go from zero to blog post in just a few days. I'm really having trouble getting back into the saddle, so to speak. Someone's comment (sorry! I can't remember who said it, but it was brilliant, thank you!) about burnout was interesting: This clever person said to give myself a break: "If I had had to write three 1200-week posts on deadline with no breaks and no vacations for years then I might have a bit of trouble re-starting up no matter how long it had been" or words to that effect.
  9. Me, too. I have been waiting for Book 3 ever since Book 2 was published. I bought the books first. Then I bought the audio cassettes! Then the CDs. And now the digital versions. That’s how much I love those books. I did hear Koontz speak once (yes, I am that much of a Koontz fan) and he said that he didn’t want to do book 3 until he knew he could do justice to Christopher Snow & Co. He did say he had an idea that there might not be a #3, which made everyone booo. Every time I re-listen I mentally send him all sorts of good plot ideas. Or at least, I think they don’t suck.
  10. If you can afford it, or if you are an Audible member (good prices sometimes), or if your library has it, I highly highly recommend the audiobooks. All of them are now on audiobooks, great narrator, and it is wonderful to have someone read to you!
  11. This might be just what I need to get my scribbles together into blog posts, thank you. I’ll give it a go, with the caveat that I have already failed about six such attempts lately, but who’s counting, right? I have been wanting to write a day-by-day account of life amidst the viruses, and have notes and scribbles for each day since early March, so perhaps this will be a great kick-in-the-butt for me. Most of my readers read via RSS because I have a habit of posting at really weird intervals, sorry to say. For those unfamiliar with my hijinks online: I was a personal blogger back in
  12. I am exactly the same way, except I have allowed myself, as no doubt you have, to read other non-trilogy books, in the interim. Both of these are also on my TBR pile. Welcome to the Twinkies!
  13. P.S. Actually, the first THREE letters of the narrator dude’s last name are thus: “Sbj”. It just gets weirder after that. I give up.
  14. I forgot to say that for the list above, I did not ever make it to my bookshelves to comb for the good ones. All the books listed above are either ebooks or audiobooks. Bits are cheap, what can I say?
  15. Dear Twinkie J: I have indeed read the Fear Nothing and Seize the Night books, and I adore them. I had them on cassette and listened to them so many times I wore out one tape. I now have the digital audiobooks and love those. The narrator (same as for cassette version) is excellent and convey’s Koontz’s wacky humour perfectly! The narrator has a Polish name, unpronounceable unless you have Polish DNA. First name is Keith, first two letters of last name are “Sb”. It is fascinating to listen to him say his own last name. I think I slightly prefer the audiobooks, because Someone Readin