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  1. Yes, kind of. I'm working on my comprehensive literature review, which is the last thing I have to do before writing my dissertation proposal.
  2. When I do buttons, I use a matchstick like that to make the shank a little longer so it's easier to button.
  3. It hasn't much yet. This week has been consumed with prep for a road trip to Atlanta.
  4. Okay, everybody. You're my accountabilibuddies. I want to get into mermaiding. I have a monofin and I'm going to just practice swimming with it for a while, but the whole point is to get to the place where I can have a mermaid tail and swim in it. This is going to involve sewing. I've got a great machine and a ton of resources at my disposal; the only missing pieces are space, time, and supplies. Current plan is to rearrange our house a bit this summer and turn what's currently our playroom into a family office/studio, I think, so that's step 1 to create the space. Anyway, I'm announcing it here so I'll have a place where people can check in and be like "Hey how's that mermaid thing going?" There's also MerNetwork but I don't think I want to announce anything over there until I've actually got supplies.
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