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  1. Finished my literature review at the end of last month and am making good progress on my dissertation proposal!
  2. Thanks! She's really focused on university makerspaces, but I'll keep that in mind! (And maybe it will be helpful in my own work someday!)
  3. I'm kinda trying to do that. I have childcare weekday mornings, and it's easy to lose time to administrivia. Instead, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I'm going to do a quick glance at my Bullet Journal to see what my next step is for my writing, and then jump in. It's worth noting that technically all of these tasks count as writing for me: - literature search - reading - note-taking - writing summaries - concept mapping - outlining - actually writing Tuesday and Thursday are devoted to my research assistantship, which right now kind of also involves writing. And will continue to do so. I'm working with a professor who's studying makerspaces!
  4. Rediscovered the BE A MERMAID section in my Bullet Journal today when migrating to a new notebook. Planning to finish moving the kid back into his own room this weekend and repurposing his current playroom as a family creative space: music, art, craft, writing. Once that's done, I may be ready to get some paper to make a tail pattern...
  5. Yes, kind of. I'm working on my comprehensive literature review, which is the last thing I have to do before writing my dissertation proposal.
  6. When I do buttons, I use a matchstick like that to make the shank a little longer so it's easier to button.
  7. It hasn't much yet. This week has been consumed with prep for a road trip to Atlanta.
  8. Okay, everybody. You're my accountabilibuddies. I want to get into mermaiding. I have a monofin and I'm going to just practice swimming with it for a while, but the whole point is to get to the place where I can have a mermaid tail and swim in it. This is going to involve sewing. I've got a great machine and a ton of resources at my disposal; the only missing pieces are space, time, and supplies. Current plan is to rearrange our house a bit this summer and turn what's currently our playroom into a family office/studio, I think, so that's step 1 to create the space. Anyway, I'm announcing it here so I'll have a place where people can check in and be like "Hey how's that mermaid thing going?" There's also MerNetwork but I don't think I want to announce anything over there until I've actually got supplies.
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