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  1. On Writing is so good. But I can't do death of a child right now. I wouldn't say I have writer's block exactly. I can write, I just have to give myself permission to write about whatever I feel like writing instead of anything I planned to write. Also, y'all are always welcome in my internet space.
  2. @Sandi Wiseheart I totally by chance started following your advice before I even read it!
  3. I haven't written the post yet, @Sandi Wiseheart. I have a list of blog post ideas that is very long, but of course I always forget about it when it's time to sit down and write.
  4. Hi everybody! I'm Kimberly, and somehow I didn't realize this club was here until I heard Kim mention it on the podcast. So many things folks are saying about creative time and struggling to prioritize it are resonating with me. I'm wondering what might happen if we reframe it. What if we considered it meditation time? Repetitive crafts like knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch can have that effect. (The scholar-librarian in me wants to track down a reference/link for this. The human in me is granting me a pass.) What if this wasn't an indulgence, but a matter of health? What if it were like a dietary supplement or a daily medication? I think the circumstances of my learning crochet help me think this way. I bought my first hook, yarn, and pamphlet while I was stopped at Wal-Mart to grab supplies to help with a migraine that was debilitating enough I had gone home from student teaching because of it. I took them back to my boyfriend's house (I don't think he was there, but I preferred his house to mine, always. Now he's my husband and we have just one house between us) and in addition to my usual migraine remedies, I applied crochet. I think having it to focus on helped me ignore the pain, almost. So I really do think of crochet as an OTC migraine remedy. If you aren't motivated by the capitalist notion that your productivity is the highest good (I am, though I'm trying to break myself of it), what if you think of your creative time like food, exercise, or a nap? Something that, if you grant yourself the time to do it, will leave you renewed, with fresh vigor to apply to your other tasks? These are just thought experiments, not proven advice. But I think I've written enough now to consider this as a blog post topic, so thanks for helping me workshop this post!
  5. I recently finished Alexandra Rowland's A Conspiracy of Truths and am now on to the sequel, A Choir of Lies. Highly recommend. Also, Alexandra is just a fun person to pay attention to: https://www.alexandrarowland.net/
  6. I'm still trying to figure this out. I'll report back as I do!
  7. Isolation is intensifying some sensory processing issues I have and I suspect the acrylic yarn I'm using for my Sailor's Moon sweater is going to aggravate me for a while. But I love crocheting. I think I need to pick a yarn and then choose the project to use it for. Anybody willing to look at the yarns my local craft store will ship me and let me know if any of them are super soft, based on your experience with them?
  8. It really helps me, too, that I count micro blogging. Takes the pressure off for me, anyway.
  9. Another thing you might consider is starting a fresh blog and telling no one about it, just to get the words flowing.
  10. The trick is to find an Archive of Our Own user with similar tastes to yours, and go down the rabbit hole of their bookmarks.
  11. I tried reading Fire and Blood, George R. R. Martin's history of the Targaryens, but abandoned it after 50 pages because it was written as a history should be, and that's not what I want from my fiction. (I've been trying to figure out the best number of pages to give a book before giving up on it. I read somewhere - probably in Austin Kleon's blog - that librarian and expert reader's advisor Nancy Pearl says 50 pages of your 50 or younger, otherwise subtract your age from 100 and use that number.) Every once in a while something cool would happen, but no dialogue or internal monologue killed it for me. I was thinking that maybe I should find some dystopian books where the good guys win, but instead decided to get back to hopepunk. So now I'm reading Alexandra Rowland's A Conspiracy of Truths and loving it. Rowland coined the term hopepunk, but I'm not sure if Rowland's own books are hopepunk.
  12. That makes me want to tell you about the time my friend created a whole class for me called Holy Butterfly Valkyrie. (I came up with the name, but he actually made rules to go with it.)
  13. That's amazing. I think it's only LARPING if you're running around and stuff. But I've never LARPed, so I'm not sure.
  14. Six of Crows has been on my figurative TBR pile (literal bookshelf) for years. Because I am this kind of person, I wanted to read all of the trilogy that is set in the same world first, as it was published first, even though they aren't dependent on each other. I "recently" finished The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. It's some kind of fantasy, very beautiful. After that, I tried His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik. I was super into it when it was all about a ship captain bonding with a precocious dragon, but once it moved into dragon adolescence and dragon military maneuvers, I checked out and set it aside. (The basic conceit is, what if everybody had dragons during the Napoleonic Wars?) Now I'm reading Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols. It's a fascinating book that uses neuroscience to explore the connection between people and water. Perfect for a bath read. If you're a nerd. Which I am. I may pick up my copy of Muppets Meet the Classics: The Phantom of the Opera. I think it is probably the most Kimberly book ever to have existed.
  15. Y'all are just one small step away from LARPing. Adorable! I have a book of literary knits, but given that I have to re-learn how to knit every time I do it (Liz Lemon-style), I haven't made anything from it. But I'm now seeking out literary crochet patterns and may take some of those on. I did recently find super cute Frog and Toad patterns and might make those for M.
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