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  1. Echo Lloyd Alexander: the Chronicles of Prydain are great, but I also recommend Vesper Holly (probably has some not great cultural stuff to watch out for so maybe check them out yourself first) - she's like a teen girl Indiana Jones. ♥️ Piratica and its sequel might be worth checking out; Millicent Min, Girl Genius and its follow-ups are very sweet and funny, though not fantasy.
  2. So now there's a whole #OffRav movement I take it, but it's hard to find solid recent sources of information about this. I'm so sporadically in the fiber world that I don't have a good read on the whole situation, but if anybody else does and would DM me about it, I'd love to know more. Thanks! ETA: I did find this blog post that is fairly recent and also links to several other blog posts. ETA2: A couple more links. Liz Corke's Blog (multiple posts) Silvia Maggi Design ETA3: One more!
  3. @Sandi Wiseheart After repurposing that post, I also repurposed some old tweets and I think tomorrow I might hunt down some old emails where I gave lengthy advice that might be useful to more than just the person who asked for it. I also learned something new today (how to use open source software called Phplist to self-host a mailing list instead of using MailChimp or similar) and will try to write that up soon. Also? I rarely use pictures. If you stick with 1 - 3, I think that's fine.
  4. @Sandi Wiseheart I finally "wrote" the blog post about creative time as meditation time, which consisted mostly of copying and pasting my post here with a teeny bit of editing. (Take that, prerequisite procrastination!) I have a number of other blog post ideas floating around as forum posts or collections of tweets, and I think now I am going to embrace this sort of repurposing of my writing more.
  5. They have kind of, but they're not doing a great job. I think they'll get there. At this point, the problem is as much their responses to the calls for accessibility as to the accessibility issues themselves, but it looks like they're moving in the right direction.
  6. Are folks here following the developments related to Ravelry's new design and it's extremely poor accessibility? Not looking for a debate as I am 100% in favor of the fixes people are requesting and the new design gives me a headache quite literally, but just kind of looking for commiseration with people who have mostly been so proud of Ravelry and are also having weird feelings about this incident.
  7. On Writing is so good. But I can't do death of a child right now. I wouldn't say I have writer's block exactly. I can write, I just have to give myself permission to write about whatever I feel like writing instead of anything I planned to write. Also, y'all are always welcome in my internet space.
  8. @Sandi Wiseheart I totally by chance started following your advice before I even read it!
  9. I haven't written the post yet, @Sandi Wiseheart. I have a list of blog post ideas that is very long, but of course I always forget about it when it's time to sit down and write.
  10. Hi everybody! I'm Kimberly, and somehow I didn't realize this club was here until I heard Kim mention it on the podcast. So many things folks are saying about creative time and struggling to prioritize it are resonating with me. I'm wondering what might happen if we reframe it. What if we considered it meditation time? Repetitive crafts like knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch can have that effect. (The scholar-librarian in me wants to track down a reference/link for this. The human in me is granting me a pass.) What if this wasn't an indulgence, but a matter of health? What if it
  11. I recently finished Alexandra Rowland's A Conspiracy of Truths and am now on to the sequel, A Choir of Lies. Highly recommend. Also, Alexandra is just a fun person to pay attention to:
  12. I'm still trying to figure this out. I'll report back as I do!
  13. Isolation is intensifying some sensory processing issues I have and I suspect the acrylic yarn I'm using for my Sailor's Moon sweater is going to aggravate me for a while. But I love crocheting. I think I need to pick a yarn and then choose the project to use it for. Anybody willing to look at the yarns my local craft store will ship me and let me know if any of them are super soft, based on your experience with them?
  14. It really helps me, too, that I count micro blogging. Takes the pressure off for me, anyway.
  15. Another thing you might consider is starting a fresh blog and telling no one about it, just to get the words flowing.