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  1. Just taking some chill Deep breaths, deep thoughts, some action Wait, where's my coffee? My mornings have been lots of thing about stuff I have to do, while rubbing my dog on my couch, constantly losing my coffee. I feel like there;s a lot going on so I need extra time on quiet contemplation
  2. @Alice Creason welcome to life 🙂 and way to be honest. After reading this I breathed a sigh of relief and thought "oh it's not just me floating along and feeling like I'm playing catch up and wondering what should I be doing". I'm exhausted by 8pm every day, with bouts of needing a nap but no time for it at least 2 other times during the day. Sickness, work, or anything that taxes me beyond the usual ordinary life things will derail me very easily. Getting my house packed and ready to sell while living in it has been my derailment. I've squeezed some doodling and making in here and
  3. Hi ladies! Thanks @Alice Creason for starting this! I did a 30 day doodling habit in January and it went great. And then February hit and I floundered with what to do creatively. I'm also moving/selling/buying a house so I didn't want to take on too much. I think drawing is where I need to go back to because I just need a sketchbook and pens. Here's to a creative habit!
  4. @daisywreath DARIA! So great and has stood the test of time with the lessons and snark! I don't know what my career has in store but it's SO different from what I wanted in my teens! I had a friend over for a crafternoon while I did this page and she was like "what are you doing?" I replied, "I don't know, dabbling in paint. Not letting myself think? Having fun just using some paints and sponges and playing." Thanks for being the art journal guru!
  5. My first page is a quote from my favorite show Daria which reflects my job currently and how I feel as an crafter. The next is my 2020 beginning that I'm still working on.
  6. I haven't started my pages yet - plan to do some Friday but LOVE the videos, inspiration and tuts. I needed this to get started! Your stuff looks great!
  7. I plan on making a lot of gifts - I should probably start that this weekend 😆 Lotion bars in my instant pot in the shape of darth vader heads is one gift. Some ornaments for my mother in law. Some custom bedazzled frames with fun pictures for relatives. Earrings and necklaces for some friends and moms. Scarf holders out of polymer clay for grandmas. Shirts with funny things on them for husband. Whew - hopefully this thread keeps me motivated!
  8. @Kim Werker super win! also if there's a sexy scene super duper win!
  9. What have you resulted in this nanowrimo? I started and have kept up a 200 word daily minimum which was huge for me. It's achievable. I have created an outline for my novel in scrivener and added to it. I finished at least 2 scenes in the nove. What are your results?
  10. Just one more week! What does it mean to make it count? Mine is getting my ideas down, having a fleshed out outline to come back to and marinate on. Share your make it count? What does success look like at the end?
  11. @Kimberly Hirsh congrats on the lit review!
  12. How do you finish a scene? In one writing session or do you leave something to come back to later so you know where to pick up? I'm realizing I haven't finished many scenes except in my brain. I'll start ones, and not remember to come back to it. Anyone else have tips?
  13. More than halfway! We've past the ides! Don;t flounder now, this is when doubt creeps in. It already had for me. I lost momentum for about a week, just jotting down ideas for scenes, starting some dialogue here and there, 50 words or so but nothing substantial. Get back to those words! It's a Monday Funday! What are your characters excited for? What do they need to do? Have a conversation and pop out some writing!