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  1. I got lost last week as did some of my fellow writer groupees. When you are blazing away to get to a word count, do you get lost? Where am I in the story? Did I go so fast that I forgot a scene? Did I already write about that? What am I missing? Today I decided to take a quick reread - not to be confused with an edit - to just get a focus again. And write 200 words that are helpful to my story.
  2. I haven't written anything in 3 days. Everyone has moments (or days) where reality creeps in. Mine is a family visit. I could have snuck in some writing in between moments of hanging out and stuff but I decided not to force it. I'll catch up. 600 words is not lost, just waiting for later. Don't beat yourself up, it's not helpful.
  3. I would be VERY interested! I know nothing, saw stuff on pinterest, have 4 sketchbooks. I feel ready to make some ugly!
  4. It's all about the word count. Just keep going!
  5. I feel like my mornings have been sprints where my kids wake up and I'm like I have 10 minutes to write before breakfast and the day gets started. GO!! I never went to one in person. I like the idea of them but then I think - are we just going to be silently writing in a room and not talking? Well, fine, I'll do that at home then.
  6. SAME! Yesterday was only 71 words because I prioritized writing later in my morning and surprise, forgot I had to do things! But thinking about my characters and plot daily has been AMAZEBALLS! Do you ever do sprints? Where you sit for a hour and chug away as fast as possible?
  7. How is progress? Momentum still coming? Have you written every day? For me, I've written every day, no more than 500 words but always above my 200 word goal. It's also helped keep balance in my world whereas previous years 1667 words was just too much stress. I still like my characters and story 🙂
  8. Who is your favorite character you like writing in your nanowrimo project?? Mine the last two days has been the friend/love interest who's been super playful and sassy. Ethan, boy next door yet good ideas in bed sort of guy.
  9. So far I love the chapters,, obviously the word counts and moving things around as I need. BUT! I do find that I'm not using all of the tools and it's full utility. I started a walkthrough tutorial and realized I had no idea all the features they mentioned. Better question is do I need to?
  10. The Proclaimers song is one of my favorites and here's hoping I get to 500 today!
  11. Time to show off! Post a sentence from your nanowrimo adventures that you're proud off! "He looked like a guy who dreamed dirty thoughts as a hobby."
  12. 1) Love scrivener - I usually use 750words.com for morning pages and writing then move it over to scrivener. Added bonus is I have to review what I move due t formatting so a quick edit is mandatory, something I'm terrible at. 2) Count those NOTES! I count everything I write, notes, additions, callouts for later. Especially since I have kids interrupt and I need to stop super abrupt, I leave a note. COUNTS! @Kim Werker what features do you LOVE in scrivener? And what don't you use at all?
  13. I made it to my 200 word goal at 1030pm. So success! I didn't let the night close without hitting my goal!
  14. I try my best to fit in at least 200 words right after I read for 10 minutes with my dog. Then jump into writing! Then at least I did something for the day!
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