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  1. Lori M

    Storing Wool

    This pretty much sums up my issue with my current situation. I love the idea of clear bins or bags but I am also trying to avoid buying more plastic. I do already have a few of the heavy, plastic sheet bags so that might be an option for some of my yarn. I currently have it all in large, fabric bags which I like other than the fact that I can't see what is in each bag. I'm thinking I might use the clear bags to keep yarn than needs to stay together from getting separated and then sort by yarn type. I also hang my bags up so it's not taking up my limited floor and shelf space (helps keep the cats out of it too). Still pondering though and would love to hear more ideas.
  2. Lori M

    Storing Wool

    I've been thinking bins might be a good way to go. Another question, do you sort by colour or weight, or do you just throw it all in wherever it fits?
  3. Lori M

    Storing Wool

    Great idea! I think I have a few of those around although not enough for my entire stash. 😊
  4. Lori M

    Storing Wool

    How do you all store your wool? Bins, bags, shelves, drawers...?
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