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  1. Re: obtaining t-shirts. I know I am late to the game & the bathmat is probably complete. But thought I could share one resource that has been useful for me to obtain T-shirts for yarn. My sister lives in San Diego & there are thrift stores in and around the area that will have “dollar day” - you purchase a bag for $1.00 and take home all the garments that fit in that 1 bag. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen at the thrift stores in my area. But maybe where you live? or maybe friends across the country can hook you up? September/October is a good time for thrift stores to clear out stuff to make room for holiday donations.
  2. Brilliant! Thanks for the resource, Corrie.
  3. One reason I joined this community was to see if I could find a solution to my contact lens case collection. Does anyone have a creative idea on how to upcycle used contact lens cases. (If I had better computer skills, I would upload a picture for those of you who need a visual). Every time I buy contact lenses or solution, I get a new storage case - which is nice - but what happens to all the discarded lens cases? If even a couple of you out there have the same stock pile as me, we could build a table (albeit, not as cool, but just as large as Kim’s wooden one). If only they could be turned into yarn!
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