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  1. I'm Carol from SC. I've finally started on the zigzag scarf. At this point it doesn't have a final destination. I'm just focusing on one stitch at a time and deep breathing through my tremours. It's good to have hook and yarn in hand again. Best books of the year have been Spring Snow and Runaway Horses, Yukio Mishima's first 2 books of The Sea of Fertility series.
  2. OMG! Lovely work. How nice to be using that stored energy from your slump to make such beauties.
  3. Congrats on finishing the scarf. What frustration with the yarn and yet here you are carrying on HURRAH. Looking forward to seeing your posts. I've been able to cook lately and have been trying out some yummy African recipes I've been wanting to try out. Tremors have been challenging so no crochet work. A bit of a conundrum since the tremors are why I started crocheting again.
  4. Carol

    Storing Wool

    I mostly store in the sheet/comforter bags, bins or the packaging the yarn comes in. Since the plastic is being re-used, I'm OK with that. Sorting is mostly by project, then weight, then colour and is kept in an open closet we converted specifically for yarn. So far, so good though I am so easy when it comes to a nice yarn.
  5. @Sandi Wiseheart A finished object is whatever you say it is Woo Hoo for celebrating the milestones! I love your colour choices!
  6. Carol


    I'm out of touch with social media as I hadn't heard of StitchMania until now and have no idea what #nanostitchmo is. The thought of starting a new project daily - shudder - not for me any more. Since you're interested, give it a go. I'd be curious as to what your projects will be.
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