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  1. I'm a quilt designer and teacher and I'm always working to develop new ideas—things I can teach quilters that aren't already being taught by lots of other people. I really enjoy improvisational patchwork and have recently listed a new class called Make Your Own Improvisational Quilt Sampler. In the spirit of autumn, I decided to make a Halloween improv quilt and to post my progress on social media as a way to highlight the new class. Here are a few photos of how it's evolving. I'm having a great time. This quilt will go into a new program for quilt guilds called Taste Test: Sampler Quilt
  2. Sandi, how is your Kittens quilt coming along? I'd love to see where you are now!
  3. Hey there, creative adventurers! I'm excited to get this party started! Please reach out and say hello!