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  1. I don't know if this is useful or okay to post (admin, feel free to contact me to discuss), but I work with The Learnary, a non profit in Vancouver, BC that is all about learning and curiosity for all ages - and mending (I know that might sounds like an odd combination, but it feels connected to us ;-)! We hold regular Fixeries, where people can bring their broken/torn/etc things and learn to mend them with the encouragement of others. We love to support people fixing things and sharing skills, so if there's interest in a meet-up in our space, let me know (becurious@thelearnary.ca).
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    Storing Wool

    I'd love to hear about ideas that don't involve plastic. I totally get how handy it is for seeing through and keeping bugs out - but since I'm trying not to bring any more plastic into my life, I'm interested in other solutions that have worked for folks!
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