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  1. Love the blanket! Is it Gryffindor-inspired, or just a coincidence? 😁
  2. Hi @Lilly.O.4 , I love the hand lettering trend. People are doing some beautiful things with brush pens. I can understand what you mean about needing to practice it every day. I love that you're dedicating this year to learning new things! Can't wait to see what you do!
  3. Yes, I hear ya. Here is mine for today: Staff meeting today Everyone wondering, Will the school have to close? We are on spring break this week and watching other universities announce closures for the rest of the semester. Wondering if we are going to do the same...
  4. Sorry to hear you've been sick, @daisywreath! Sending healing thoughts your way!
  5. I finished the inner square last night on my counted canvas project. Woohoo.
  6. I thought it might be fun to share tips and ideas for small, easy, doable things to try if you're struggling to build a daily creative habit. This exercise only takes a couple minutes each day and is for anyone who is trying to start a journaling, diary, or daily writing habit. You can use it by itself as a 2-minute daily diary entry or use it as a warm-up exercise any time you're feeling stuck. The exercise is simple: Write a haiku about your day. A haiku is a very short 3 line poem that follows this format: Line 1: 5 syllables Line 2: 7 syllables Line 3: 5
  7. Declare an intention and/or show your progress for the month of March 2020 here! This month I intend to complete the counted canvas project I've been working on.
  8. Current progress on my counted canvas project. I was ignoring it for a couple weeks. Now I'm back at it again.
  9. Hey, accountability works! Here is the progress I made yesterday evening and now today:
  10. YES. THIS. SO MUCH THIS. This is what we need to change, everyone. We've got to start putting OURSELVES first. The laundry, the grading, the grocery shopping, the conference call...they can all wait. We ALL DESERVE to spend 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes just for ourselves EVERY. DAY.
  11. Okay, I posted this over in the needlework forum, but I'm posting it again here. It's the same photo. I have not made any new progress on this in the past few weeks. So, this is accountability time for me. This is a winter-themed pattern, so I would like to finish it before the first day of spring: March 19.
  12. Hi all, I haven't checked in here in a couple weeks because I have been experiencing some not-great side effects from my recent surgery that have caused some serious diminished quality of life issues. So, I've been kind of a wreck recently, which makes it ironic that I'm the one who has started this group -- kind of a "physician, heal thyself" kind of thing. Yeah, I fell off the creative habit bandwagon in a big way the past couple weeks. I suspect there may be some "prerequisite procrastination" going on as @Kim Werker put it so well in the podcast earlier this month. I feel so
  13. As this group gets started, let's use this month to declare intentions and share what you're currently working on. As members join the club, we can talk about what kinds of accountability and support we would like: prompts? monthly challenges? tips for tracking your projects? tips for finishing what you've started? I hope this group will provide support for all types of creatives, whether you draw, paint, sing, write, knit, weave, dance, or play an instrument. Share what you're working on this month.
  14. This group is for anyone and everyone who wants support and a little accountability on the way to building a daily creative habit. Introduce yourself here! Do you already have a well-established daily creative habit? Have you been trying to build one? What do your current habits look like? ---------------- I'm Alice, and I've been trying to establish a daily creative habit for what feels like forever. Sometimes I get some momentum going and can keep it up for days, weeks, even months. But, then life delivers a smackdown, and I have to start all over again. My primary