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  1. Thanks @angelak. This should be fun! I'm trying to get into collaging or art journaling everyday so this hopefully will get me motivated to make a few ATCs. Can't wait to see everyone's cards.
  2. I've been trying to do morning pages. Kind of off and on right now as I don't always get the time to just sit and write without interruptions. Often they become "Evening Pages" and I do them right before heading to bed. I HAVE been doing more creative stuff lately after a long period of not doing ANYTHING. That really started before the shutdown and has just continued through this. I'm not sure if the writing got me creating again or if it was just the right time for me to get back to it. Maybe a bit of both? I did get Julia Cameron's book "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again" from th
  3. Thanks Kimberly and Sandi for sharing your blog links. It is nice to read something *real* online for a change. Kimberly, you have reminded me how much I love the Muppets. I'm thinking I need to re-watch all the movies now. 🙂 I have a blog somewhere out there on the Internet, but am not sure how to access it. I think right now it has a grand total of 1 post on it. But I have been thinking of starting a daily journal so that will be my project to start this weekend. Looking forward to seeing more posts from both of you. Laurie
  4. I've always wanted to make my own clothes. I did manage to make some doll clothes and Halloween costumes when my kids were younger but have not delved into much more yet. My husband did get me a new sewing machine for Christmas years ago but I'm not sure if I've used it more than a couple of times since then. I also love the "slow fashion" movement happening now. Using recycled materials and creating stuff that lasts appeals to me. "Fashion" drives me crazy, it seems the designers choose the most hideous colours and shapes and then everything in the stores is based on that for a seas
  5. A lot of the Arteza art supplies are on for Black Friday Deals on Amazon today. From what I have seen on YouTube reviews, they are fairly good quality materials and might be a less expensive option (even at regular price) for some art materials. I am going to check them out later today but I did see a lot of deals ongoing and upcoming when I looked this morning. Thanks so much for the list, this should be fun! Laurie
  6. @daisywreath Absolutely interested in this! I have wanted to start an art journal and get into the habit of daily journaling for ages. This could give me a kickstart on that. I'm good for starting after the holidays. I'm looking forward to this!
  7. Dyantha

    Art Journals?

    @daisywreath I love your art journal pages! Especially the one with the birds. And I like the idea of starting out with a gelli print. I've been stressing over starting an art journal for ages! I keep telling myself that the whole point is to just get in there and make a mess and do whatever you feel like doing at the time and it will all work out. But for some reason, I am stuck! I love accumulating art journal supplies though! I see someone else's work or a video on a new product and I grab it, telling myself that this will be THE THING that will get me motivated but so far nada. S