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  1. A lot of the Arteza art supplies are on for Black Friday Deals on Amazon today. From what I have seen on YouTube reviews, they are fairly good quality materials and might be a less expensive option (even at regular price) for some art materials. I am going to check them out later today but I did see a lot of deals ongoing and upcoming when I looked this morning. Thanks so much for the list, this should be fun! Laurie
  2. @daisywreath Absolutely interested in this! I have wanted to start an art journal and get into the habit of daily journaling for ages. This could give me a kickstart on that. I'm good for starting after the holidays. I'm looking forward to this!
  3. Dyantha

    Art Journals?

    @daisywreath I love your art journal pages! Especially the one with the birds. And I like the idea of starting out with a gelli print. I've been stressing over starting an art journal for ages! I keep telling myself that the whole point is to just get in there and make a mess and do whatever you feel like doing at the time and it will all work out. But for some reason, I am stuck! I love accumulating art journal supplies though! I see someone else's work or a video on a new product and I grab it, telling myself that this will be THE THING that will get me motivated but so far nada. So now I've convinced myself not to buy anything more until I actually get started and use what I have. Maybe thinking about it again today will prompt me to get started. 😊
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