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  1. Tell us a bit about your desire to sew clothes! Do you know all about how to do it or are you learning from scratch? Are there particular things you most want to make? Are you motivated by any particular aspect to diving into this?

    Do share!

  2. Over in the Make It Mighty Ugly 2020 workshop, a surprising and encouraging number of folks have expressed interest in sewing clothes – getting back into it after a long hiatus, learning from knowing nothing, and everywhere in between.

    So we're going to bring that desire to learn, experiment and clothe ourselves here into the broader community, because surely lots of other members are interested in the same?

    I've started a club just for this, so we have more flexibility in how we organize posts over time, etc. Come join!

  3. Thanks, @Sandi Wiseheart. I'll dig the sweater out.

    I'm about to run some soup over to my sister-in-law and her family. In the end, she let me drive her around last night instead of taking a taxi; I think it ended up being the perfect thing.

    More soon. And let me know if you have any specific questions about Trello. I've used it for ages and love it deeply.

  4. 1 minute ago, Sandi Wiseheart said:

    Slightly off-topic: Is that a holiday vest with light bulbs? OMG. I love holiday clothing that is festive without having to wear Elf Barf.  

    My holiday garb is limited to an ugly Chanukah sweater. 😂 What you see here are diamond shapes in a stylized argyle kind of arrangement. :)

    But yes! I bought this particular serger on @Kimberly Payne's enthusiastic recommendation. My week has gone sideways, but I hope to have time to play more over the weekend!

  5. I just got my first serger, and I'm determined to learn how to use it so I can make my own clothes in 2020. I'll be chronicling my adventures on Instagram, which is why this video is oriented that way instead of landscape. :) Beginner serger project recommendations most welcome!


  6. We got to talking about holiday baking in our video chat today, and I thought it'd be fun to create a recipe swap. Which isn't really a swap so much as a thread where we can share our favourite holiday-related recipes. These will be different recipes depending on the time of year and the holidays that are coming up, so I labeled this thread for winter holidays, and we can make new ones as the seasons pass.

    Ok, I'll start.

    This is my go-to recipe for sugar cookies (which, not being a Christmas celebrator, I usually trot out for Halloween. 😁). As promised, no chilling needed.

    I made these sufganiyot (jelly donuts) last year at Chanukah, and they were incredibly satisfying to make. I want to tweak the dough a bit so it's more flavourful, so we'll see if I can manage to figure that out this year. :)

    Ok, your turn! What are your favourite things to cook or bake for winter holidays?

  7. The winter holidays are coming up as we get this club started. Are you making any gifts this year? Share what you're up go, and be sure to include links if you're following patterns or instructions!

  8. Slow and steady for me with this one. I love the long colour bands of this yarn! I'm going to work at least another two rows. Debating about fringe...




  9. YESSSSS. I'm with @Kuchylm on this – I have books, I know nothing, I would love to follow along and make terrible things so I can figure out how to maybe not make terrible things!

    @daisywreath There's a new feature here on the site called "clubs" (I can't change the name! I hate the name, but it does describe the gist) – they're like forums within the forums, and perfect for something like this. You can see a couple in action if you click on the obvious link to it in the menu up at the top of the page.

    Let me know if I can help you do this in any way!

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