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  1. I wish I could shine some light on this, but I'm as curious to know the answer as you are, now that you've brought it up. Tagging @Sandi Wiseheart and @Liz Gipson, our two resident experts (at least that I know of!).
  2. YESSSSS. I'm with @Kuchylm on this – I have books, I know nothing, I would love to follow along and make terrible things so I can figure out how to maybe not make terrible things! @daisywreath There's a new feature here on the site called "clubs" (I can't change the name! I hate the name, but it does describe the gist) – they're like forums within the forums, and perfect for something like this. You can see a couple in action if you click on the obvious link to it in the menu up at the top of the page. Let me know if I can help you do this in any way!
  3. It's never too late, @Corrie! (Also, full-leg legwarmers? 😍)
  4. This is such a good way of thinking about it!
  5. Your colours are so pretty, @angelak! Mmm, fall. 🍁
  6. I've got a loooong mess of zigzag going. :)
  7. How's it going? Have you gotten started? Share pics and updates here!
  8. I love the idea of sprints, but I'm terrible at showing up when someone else tells me to. :) BUT I'm super at setting a timer for myself and sticking to doing nothing but write (especially if the timer is for 20 minutes or shorter). You?
  9. Yay! And yeah, 1667 is a lot. My daily word goal has been around 730, and some days I make it and some I don't, but I am making huge progress figuring my story out, and that's what my real goal has been for this month.
  10. I think that's looking right, @angelak. Keep going for a couple more rows – I suspect it's just that the relief pattern doesn't show up prominently right away. If after three rows or so it's still not looking right to you, snap a photo and we'll figure it out!
  11. @Toni I read Where'd You Go Bernadette over the summer and loved it! Haven't read Crawdads yet, but it's high on my list. So glad you're here! Let me know if you have any questions about your scarf as you get going. I'm excited to see it!
  12. Margaret, the widowed owner of the B&B where my protagonist stays when she's in town. She gives zero f's and says whatever's on her mind. ❤️
  13. Right! This is where I am. Scrivener is so great exactly as I'm using it, even as I don't have a clue about most of its features. But it's working for me! So I'm not worried about the other features.
  14. Excellent! Don't hesitate to ask questions. That's what this is all about :)
  15. Spicy! My first line: "With sleep still lingering at the corners of his eyes, Josh Kaplan snapped latex gloves onto his hands and surveyed his patient."
  16. Oooh. I could go on and on. LOVES: Obvs the word-count targets. I also love that I can keep notes (that I'm not counting toward my word-count) in the same doc as my actual manuscript. I love that if I manage to organize sections of my project well, I can easily reorder them without copy/pasting. And I love the complile feature. I wrote Make It Mighty Ugly in Scrivener, and compiling my finished manuscript was so, so satisfying. I don't even know what kinds of features I don't use in Scrivener. It does so much. I don't use loads of it. What features do you use, @Kuchylm? And which don't you?
  17. And here's how to make the double decrease (dc3tog) that the pattern uses to create the valleys in the zigzag:
  18. Here's a tutorial on how to work stitches into the back loop only for the nifty ribbed texture you see in the swatch photos:
  19. Here's the tutorial on how to use your gauge to figure out how many foundation chains to start with to make a zigzag project of a particular size. I use the In Threes pattern here, but you can adapt these instructions to any zigzag pattern by substituting its required stitch multiple.
  20. Here's the In Threes zigzag pattern! Click the file link below to download the PDF. It's a deep zigzag with not-so-pointy points. I'll be making a scarf in this pattern, worked the long way – so lots and lots of stitches in each row, and only about 7 or 8 rows. Enjoy! In Threes Scarf.pdf
  21. Let's get this zigzag party started! Here's how things'll work: Today, on kick-off day, I've posted the zigzag pattern I designed for our zigzag-along. It's lower down in this thread; just click on the link for the PDF file to download it. (But! You're welcome to use any pattern at all for the crochet-along; no need or pressure to use this one.) I've also posted some tutorials, including on how to figure out how many foundation chains you need to start with for a zigzag project of a particular size. Find them along with the pattern by scrolling further down this thread! If you're on Ravelry, here's the pattern link; if you're making it, please add it to your project list! Please introduce yourself if you haven't already! That's also the thread where we're declaring our projects for the crochet-along. When you share pics of your progress on social media, tag them with #cocamakes (CoCA stands for Community of Creative Adventurers! [No affiliation with Coca Cola; heh; nor with the plant]). I'll be highlighting some posts from participants in my own social media but I'll only be able to find them if you use the hashtag. :) This is a question- and answer-friendly place! All questions are welcome, and all members are encouraged to jump in with answers. All participants are welcome and encouraged to start threads, share lots of pics, etc. The only restrictions are: sharing of copyrighted material is not permitted (i.e., no posting of patterns you did not write yourself), and intolerance of any sort is not permitted. This crochet-along club is part of a larger community. Please poke around in there! We're all about exploring our creativity, embracing the terrible things we make as we experiment and learn new things, and getting to know other creative folks from all over. Our community site is ad- and algorithm-free thanks to the support of our Patreon members. If you love your experience here, please consider becoming one; Patreon members enjoy video chats with me and each other every month, have their own private forum in addition to the main forums, and get monthly updates on all the goings-on behind the scenes.
  22. Right on, @Miss Lacklamb! I'm using a colour-change yarn, too. :) And hopefully someday, @Lori M!
  23. I'm writing in Scrivener, which is the best. It lets you set a word-count target and a target date, then it'll break down how many words you need to write each day to hit those targets. But. But! That's not the tip. The tip I want to share is that I've started taking notes in my manuscript. Because I've decided that those notes should count toward my NaNo word-count total, because they are a part of my novel. I'm suuuper comfortable writing an absolutely terrible first draft (hello, Mighty Ugly). And part of drafting for me is figuring out how to get from Point A to Point Z and all points in between. So instead of feeling stuck because I've never plotted anything before, I've started just making notes in my shitty manuscript. IT COUNTS.
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