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    It's a new year – heck, it's a new decade! – and there's no better way to start fresh than to do it by embracing the imperfection and occasional downright ugliness that comes along with doing creative things. From January 6 – February 7th, 2020, we'll work through the book "Make It Mighty Ugly," by Kim Werker – hosted by the author. Through guided discussion, prompts and live chats, we'll fight our creative demons and kick the year off with a focus on prioritizing the meaningful creative projects that make us happy so we can spend the rest of the year making and learning and not worrying about it all ending up perfect. Because perfect is boring and imperfect is fascinating. ⭐️ Early-bird registration is open through December 20, 2019. ⭐️ To register, click to join the group and follow the steps. If you're a supporting member at the $5-or-up level, be sure to enter your discount code. ⭐️ Once you've registered you will gain access to this group, and you're welcome to get to know each other before the workshop begins. On January 6, 2020, we'll dive into the book and into all that's wonderful about making things mighty ugly!

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    Join us if you want to try art journaling! In January there will be weekly prompts and technique demos.

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    No matter the holiday, this is a place for recommendations, suggestions and sharing. Holiday patterns and projects, recipes, gift ideas, gift suggestions, finished projects to share, etc. Please keep in mind that we are a diverse group, with members celebrating a variety of holidays from different traditions, religions, nationalities and ethnicities. Please share generously of your own experience and tradition and welcome the sharing of others. If you love holidays and want to help moderate this group, drop Kim a note!

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    NaNoWriMo Adventurists is a club for people who want to participate in the activity during November of writing as much as possible. The writing can include blog posts, morning pages, a novel project, poetry, etc. The club aims to provide a sanctuary and to keep people motivated with postings, check ins and sharing the challenges faced by club members. Club members are encouraged to share tips, help, and ask/answer questions.

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    Join in for some zig-zag crochet fun! Kim will share a free pattern when we begin, but work on whatever zig-zag project you'd like. (Even knitting, if you're so inclined!) This club is public – both community members and non-members are welcome to join. Ask for help when you need some, share tips when you have some!
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